The path to the registry office for a man: what is worth remembering?


Each man approaches the decision to make an offer to his beloved woman thoroughly, carefully weighing everything. The fact that a man decides to take such a crucial step is much more complicated than any of us is a well-known fact. But if you know for sure that your beloved is already on his way to the jewelry store, you can, as if by chance, leave this article for him. He must have at least the slightest idea about the path to the registry office, and that, in principle, he expects him for the entire period of preparation for the wedding celebration.

Marriage proposal

After deciding to marry, this is the first and most important step for both partners. After all, the answer follows, which decides the future fate of young people. The wedding portal does not even want to think about a negative result. And does not advise you.

Marriage proposal

At this stage, a man can spend his time and energy, and can do everything pretty quickly. If you are not romantics, you can make an offer, for example, in this way: get up on your favorite morning pancakes or waffles (well, or whatever you can), brew a cup of your favorite coffee, put the whole thing on a tray that can be sprinkled with rose petals, or just put a flower. Wake up your beloved with a gentle kiss, and when she will enjoy a pleasant surprise, as if by the way make her an offer.

If you want to make the greatest possible impression, you will have to make more efforts. Firstly, you should buy an engagement ring. Ideally, it would be nice to know in advance the taste of the bride, her preferences, and you definitely need to know the size! Next, you should choose a suitable romantic place, perhaps organize music or connect friends. Show your imagination! And your favorite will definitely say: «Yes! ».


The groom must come to the bride's parents, tell them about the seriousness of their intentions, about the love of their daughter. Parents should see that they give their princess in reliable and good hands. Engagement also means that the groom asks parents for the hands of his beloved.

Wedding preparations

Already without which the marriage will not take place, it’s a date. Before you go to the registry office and apply, you should decide on the date of the house. You should at least know the month in which you would like to get married.

As a rule, the groom is far from the most active participant in preparing for the wedding. The bride and her mother are engaged in the search, calls, and arrangements with the right professionals. The groom just goes where they say. And expresses his opinion on this or that occasion. By the way, a wedding agency can do wedding organization at all.

Outfit selection

The groom, like a man, should not forget that for the bride a wedding dress is sacred. When choosing an outfit, the bride must first realize her dreams, and only then take into account the wishes of the groom. It so happened that the man sees the dress exclusively on the wedding day, but there are exceptions.

Women's dream

For the groom also exists «dress code» - wedding suit. Well, it’s hard to do without the participation of the bride. It is worth recalling that the bride and groom should be combined in the style of clothing. And in the event that the dress is already selected, the bride will help you find the right suit.

Men's elegance


It so happened that it is customary to observe certain wedding traditions. It is, for example, the ransom of the bride. But it is worth noting that more and more modern couples refuse such «entertainment».

It is also customary, after painting, when leaving the registry office to shower young rice with coins or rose petals. Also young can launch pigeons, balloons or butterflies.

Pigeons for happiness

Important elements of a wedding celebration

The site also recalls that a wedding cannot do without:

  • wedding procession;
  • loaf;
  • Cake
  • banquet hall;
  • bridal bouquet;
  • Garter
  • wedding rings;
  • witnesses.

The most important!

The most important day is the wedding day. By the way, in the summer you can agree on «visiting» Registry office. This will be especially true for a themed wedding..

To be honest, most newlyweds spend their first wedding night on a non-mural day. As a rule, at the end of the celebration, young people begin to consider gifts and count the money donated. In addition, after such a nervous day it is already difficult to find strength for conjugal duty.

However, the wedding night you still come. Therefore, it is worth preparing for it, so that later alone with each other you can remember something. From the bride - beautiful linen, from the groom - a bed strewn with roses and a light dinner filled with aphrodisiacs.