What to consider when applying to the registry office


If you decide to formalize your relationship and marry, then first visit the registry office and submit an application, and only then, tell everyone you know about the upcoming solemn event. Now the day of submitting an application to the registry office is usually celebrated as an engagement.

Choose a registry office

Usually, the application for registration of marriage is submitted by the bride and groom to the registry office located at the place of residence of one of the future newlyweds. But, you might want to sign the registry office located in another city or area. In this case, inquire whether there is such an opportunity, because you can get a refusal.

Before you go to the Wedding Palace

It is worth considering that the celebration can take place no earlier than a month after submitting an application to the registry office. Call and ask what number is currently being recorded. Young people are given time — a month — to once again think well whether they are firm in their decision, whether they fit together and are prepared for the celebration. There are a number of good reasons provided by law for which a wedding may be postponed or a painting may be scheduled for the coming days. For example: long gestation, life threat, etc..

It is better to go to the registry office in the morning. So you can be among the first and choose the time and day convenient for you to register. The application submitted by you is valid until the day of registration and 2 months after it, if all of a sudden, you could not appear on the appointed day. The most common reason for being late for a wedding is traffic jams. To envisage such a force majeure, come for registration in advance, for about 40 minutes, think ahead of time the route of movement of the motorcade and calculate the time with a margin.

When submitting an application to the registry office, you will definitely be asked if the registration will be solemn or not. Musical accompaniment, the presence of a wedding photographer and video shooting depend on this. If you just come to sign, then this significantly reduces the cost of the procedure, but it will not leave vivid memories. While you are young, fresh and beautiful, it is worth choosing a solemn wedding, then the registry office will offer additional services. In many registry offices, self-shooting is prohibited, since this interferes with the ceremony. But in any registry office there is a full-time professional photographer. At your service - live music or recording with Mendelssohn's constant waltz. Also, the newlyweds will be offered: to perform the first dance of the bride and groom or the performance of a children's dance group. You must resolve such organizational issues when applying to the registry office.

Whose last name to choose?

In order not to get into disputes in front of the registry office employees, discuss at home whose name you will take. Although it is generally accepted that the wife takes the name of the husband, but if desired, the husband can take the name of the wife or combine it with his own through a hyphen. As a rule, this happens if the husband’s surname is not very beautiful or not harmonious. Here, as in everything, the main thing is mutual agreement. But remember, family happiness does not depend on last name.

When filling out application forms, you need to be as careful as possible. Errors and corrections are not allowed. If you are worried, then find yourself a quiet place, sit comfortably on a chair and take your time, fill out the forms in a legible handwriting. When applying to the registry office, no one should rush you.

You will need

Do not forget to bring the following documents and necessary Things with you:

  • Passports (with unexpired citizenship)
  • Money (specify the amount you need in advance)
  • Pens
  • For previously married, you must provide a divorce document.

    Wedding and wedding

    If you are planning a wedding in the church on the same day, then you should first find out if the appointed wedding day does not coincide with the dates on which this ceremony is not permissible. For example: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, or religious dates, fasting. Maybe it’s worth a ceremony on another day, and now only sign it.

    Having coped with the application to the registry office, we can assume that you are engaged. Celebrate this day with relatives and close friends. Shooting on the camera, too, will not be superfluous.