Wedding chores: how to be?

The wedding chores that precede each such celebration are inalienable, although perhaps not the most pleasant part of it. Although it depends entirely on them what impressions the wedding will leave for you and your guests. Here are a few rules that, if they do not allow you to avoid wedding hassles at all, they will help, hopefully, optimize them. So:

  • It’s not necessary to take all the wedding chores on yourself: in order to buy a cake, mom or the future mother-in-law can do it, but drawing up the wedding procession is a man’s business: it is better to entrust it to future father-in-law and father-in-law. What you should not trust anyone is the selection of a toastmaster and a restaurant in which a joyful event will be celebrated.
    The same applies to the choice of those people who capture your celebration for posterity. This refers, of course, to the photographer and cameraman. It is important only to assess in advance the level of their professionalism. If there is no way to take the advice of friends who have already resorted to the services of wedding photos and videographers, then at least evaluate their portfolio. This will help to avoid future disappointments..
  • What exactly is not worth saving on is the design of a wedding banquet. Order it in a good company and make sure that table setting and decoration of the hall harmonize with each other whenever possible. This question needs to be agreed in advance, consider several options and choose the best. The colors should be red, pink, white and gold, but it is desirable that not all at once. It will not be amiss to also inquire whether there is a corkscrew in the restaurant, and take care of the containers in which it will be possible to take the products left after the guests with you.
  • Do not forget about prizes and all sorts of other little things, without which the celebration will be very difficult. Thoroughly think over their list and coordinate it with the host. Despite their importance, these wedding chores can be delegated to numerous friends.
  • It is important not only to draw up a script for the abduction of the bride, but also to carefully rehearse it. However, the bridesmaids dressed in beautiful dresses in this matter can be successfully replaced by a professional folklore group in folk costumes. It will come out even more fun and enthusiastic! It is only necessary to ask in advance whether the registry office provides a similar service.
  • If one of the guests arrives from afar, do not leave them to their own devices: take care in advance of the meeting of the guests and their accommodation. The same applies to the transport necessary before and after the wedding..
  • And most importantly: carefully calculate the time. Not a single trifle should remain unaccounted for if you want the festival to go smoothly. Rehearse everything literally up to a minute and carefully consider the distribution of roles. And it may turn out that several people are responsible for one thing at once, and no one is responsible for another. In wedding chores, you simply can not pay attention to it, and then it will be too late to fix something in a hurry. We should not forget that a successful wedding is like a complex mechanism in which every, even the smallest detail is important. Their normal work is the most reliable guarantee that your wedding will be a success and all the wedding chores that preceded it will not be wasted.

And the most important!

Do not forget on this most solemn day: the main thing that should remain in your memory forever is not the taste of the wedding cake and the color of the car that will take you to the registry office. And if you manage to really tune in to the holiday, then no minor misunderstandings will not be able to spoil your impression of it.