How to make a list of guests for a wedding?


The first step to successfully compiling a guest list is to imagine what kind of wedding you want. Perhaps in childhood you wanted to organize a magnificent holiday, as in fairy tales about princes and princesses. What do you want now? Peaceful family celebration? Party for friends? A holiday for all the dear and beloved who have ever met on the way? Decide on the type of wedding, and then take paper and pen and write down the names.

Family celebration

When compiling a guest list, remember that a wedding is, first of all, a family event. Parents are the most honored guests at the wedding. As for the other relatives, whether or not to send an invitation depends on several factors: the scope of the festival, the budget, the degree of acquaintance. If you almost never communicate, for example, with a cousin, then you are unlikely to be tormented by conscience if you do not invite her. If elderly relatives are invited to the wedding, you should consider options for late night fatigue..

Family wedding

Friendly gatherings

On the one hand, a family wedding can make the celebration warm and sincere, and on the other, it involves a lot of conventions and even boredom. If you want to organize a thematic wedding, to realize a lot of modern and bold ideas, invite more youth and friends to the celebration, those people who will appreciate and understand you. A wedding with like-minded people is the key to a fun holiday, the site believes.

Wedding with friends

Children's party

What to do with the children: invite or ask to stay at home? Children at a wedding are always additional chores, both in terms of menus and entertainment. Nevertheless, children bring joy and cheer up their sometimes funny behavior. It is necessary to think over the children's program in advance. Otherwise, find the reason you are not inviting little guests..

Children at the wedding

Corporate buffet

What to do with colleagues at work? What to do: order a huge banquet hall, corporate party in the suburbs, a buffet in nature? Invite family, friends, and colleagues can be overhead. Think about whether you are so close to friends at work to invite them to the wedding? Do you communicate outside the office? Perhaps it is worth inviting only those whom you can call friends or, for example, the boss. Such privileges will not confuse anyone and hardly offend.

Equity in making a list

Be loyal to each other, show respect and patience. Do not start the path to life together with quarrels over the list of guests for the wedding. Develop a general scheme by which guests are selected. Try to invite an equal number of people on both sides. Then you and your guests will be comfortable at the wedding.

Equality in a pair

Minimalism style

There are at least two reasons why a couple may want to have a low-wedding wedding. Firstly, a limited budget. And secondly, the desire to organize everything perfectly, for example, to arrange a wedding abroad or in a luxurious mansion. In this case, you will have to minimize the list of guests to celebrate the perfect wedding among your favorites.

Not crowded wedding

A few words about etiquette

When compiling a guest list, keep in mind a number of rules. Spouses are invited to the holiday together. If your friend is dating someone, ask if he would like to see a friend at the wedding. It is polite to invite those who raised you as a child (for example, a grandmother or a nanny). A good tone is to invite everyone to the painting and to the banquet, recalls the wedding portal

Slippery questions

Who is better to leave overboard? Firstly, there is no place for a wedding «the former». If you don’t know a person at all, but his parents recommend him, you have the right not to invite him, after all, this is your wedding. The same applies to people who are personally unpleasant to you. In addition, try to avoid those people who are in conflict with each other, otherwise, consider at least their minimal communication at the wedding (for example, seating in different parts of the banquet hall).

Imagine how you want to see the wedding, consider the features of communication between people, and you will make an excellent list of guests for your own wedding.