The best registry office for our wedding

It is the registry office that sets the tone for the entire ceremony. So do not rush to rush to the nearest. Now marriage can be registered in any registry office, regardless of the place of registration of the spouses. Restrictions apply only to marriage with foreigners. But they do not concern citizens of some states.

How to find the best registry office, you ask? Perhaps you can start with a telephone conversation with his representatives. The whole picture, of course, will not be revealed to you. But at least you will hear how in one or another institution treat clients. Another option is to listen to popular rumor by looking at the relevant Internet forums. And personal presence is even more valuable and more true. Take a walk with your lover (or lover) in some of the best registry offices, on the recommendation or so, take a look, take a look. If witnesses help make the choice, then keep them company. It would be nice to accidentally wander around to some wedding, join the guests so inadvertently.

What else to look for? Yes, literally everything! The price level and the level of service, the external and internal decoration of the building, even the way the surrounding area looks. Believe me, a lot depends on the general impression. Indeed, the facade of the building, the porch, and the flower beds will serve as a backdrop for professional photography..

It’s good to find out if there is a buffet in the registry office. This is especially true if you are organizing a winter wedding.

Ask if there is musical accompaniment to the ceremony, because the melody in many respects creates a sense of celebration. The presence of music in front of the entrance during the days of the solemn registration helps to cope with the excitement, and creates the appropriate mood not only for future newlyweds, but also for all guests.

How to determine the best registry office?

According to several criteria. First things first, it’s good if you can pre-register at the registry office - this will allow you to pre-book the registration day at the registry office and feel free to start preparing for the happiest day of your life - buy or rent outfits, book a festive program and a banquet hall.

It’s worth considering that the more popular the best registry office is, the more difficult it is to use its services. Therefore, we advise you to begin the search for a worthy institution of the month 3-4 months before the proposed ceremony. And then. A queue of grooms and brides, 10 minutes for each couple, about the same amount of time for the reception hall ... such a rush mode, believe me, will not suit everyone. Are you personally ready for it?

We also remember that in the most popular, the best registry offices the corresponding level of prices for services. Moreover, a fee "for the civil registry office services" may be added to the mandatory state duty. By the way, it’s worthwhile to find out in advance what, in fact, include these very services.

Their assortment can be varied - from the availability of a buffet hall to the possibility of ordering additional live music, changing (if desired) the course of the wedding ceremony and photographing with pigeons.

By the way, it is important to find out in advance whether your photo or video operator will be allowed to work in the best registry office or will they be forced to hire a local one. So, in order to avoid embarrassment and conflict, all know long before the day of registration.

The process of choosing the best registry office, as you can see, is not such an easy task, so you need to approach it with all responsibility. After all, your celebration should be held at the highest level.