To be or not to be the second day of the wedding?


The second wedding day is a tribute to ancient traditions. But did you know that in the old days in Russia weddings were actually spent a whole week! The second wedding day is a waste of money? But everyone wants to marry once and for life. So is such a memorable and exceptional event not worth noting on a grand scale? The second day - the extension of joy from the festival of happiness and love. But how to make it unforgettable and interesting, especially after a chic celebration on the first day? What to prefer? All these questions are answered today by the wedding portal

Crowded celebration

If you occupy a fairly high position in society, and the first day of the wedding is planned as a grand celebration, the celebration of the second day becomes logical. In the end, you don’t want to offend anyone inadvertently, so that it doesn’t work out, as in the good old tales. Do you remember? The king and queen cheerfully arrange a feast for the whole world, but forget to invite a distant relative, a sorceress, who, of course, bursts into the festival at the most inopportune moment and spoils all the efforts of the young couple ... In any case, if you have already undertaken to organize a royal wedding, please be kind enough to realize her truly royal scope.

Crowded celebration

To remain faithful to the traditions of their ancestors

The ancient Slavs celebrated the wedding not a day, or even two, but as many as 7, one for each day of the week. The second day carried deeply symbolic traditions. First of all, it was a chance for young people, especially their wives, to show themselves as welcoming and caring hosts. In addition, on the second day, the husband’s relatives checked whether the bride was virgin at the time of the wedding. In the morning, young people must visit the bathhouse as a sign of the purity of their future life. The wife treated guests to pancakes and other hand-made delicacies. Young arranged various tests, checking what kind of hostess she would be, etc. You can find out more about the traditions of the second wedding day in Russia on the website Some traditions are deeply archaic, but others will enliven the second wedding day..

Traditional second wedding day

Escaped spouses

«But is it possible to escape from all this leapfrog, which is more than enough for the first day? » - you think. Well ... why not? Nobody obliges anyone to celebrate the second day of the wedding. If you want to save money, say, on a honeymoon, to be alone with each other instead of the next reception of guests will be quite a good solution. If the first day was celebrated as a cozy holiday in a narrow circle, then calling the same people the next day, in general, makes no sense. Think if the game is really worth the candle?

Young couple

Family feast

Usually on the second day of the wedding, the families of the young couple were invited. This was an occasion for everyone to get to know each other better, to chat, and for the bride and groom - it is better to find out new relatives. On this day, the newlyweds officially asked permission to call «mum» and «dad» parents of the second half. If you want to extend the joy of the first day of the wedding and pay attention to the family, organize the second day at home, or in a restaurant, or in nature, or simply where you can show warmth and care for people who love you.

The second day with family

My family are my friends

Recently, the tradition of celebrating the second wedding day has been somewhat modernized. Now it has become popular to devote this day to friends. Since the word «friends» often equated to «young people», then the options for organizing the second day are appropriate. Come up with something original and exciting, something that your friends will appreciate and remember. Invite them to a picnic, a hike, a sauna, a dolphinarium, jump with a parachute, and then fry kebabs ... Discuss with them the past day, view photos and videos from the first day of the wedding. You will surely have something to share with each other.

Picnic on the second day of the wedding

Choose the option that is best for you. And remember - this is your wedding, and only you make the final decisions about its organization.