Wedding for a girl: a thousand and one excitement

It only at first glance it seems that the suitors are not worried. Just the bride’s experiences against the background of all solemnly pleasant troubles are much more noticeable. Indeed, to share the joy of one of the most important days of life, the closest people are invited - relatives and friends! And so I want everything to be thought out literally to the smallest detail!

And creative, emotional women take on all the trouble of organizing a celebration, assigning a purely performing role to men: buy this, order this or that. You have to have so much to do: decorate the house and car, transform the banquet hall, make and prepare a festive dinner ... And most importantly, gather a bride before applying to the registry office!

Yes, by the way, the statistics also show that women are excellent organizers of any celebrations. If you aren’t in the know, check out the numbers: 35% of line managers, projects, campaigns, sales specialists are women. But for the sake of a worthy result, the weak half of humanity has to sacrifice to some extent calm and nervous system. Any little thing can literally bring to tears. Especially if it concerns your own holiday.

For girls, a wedding is an even more exciting event than for young people. It is important not only that everything around is perfect, but also to look at 100, or better, a thousand percent. So that no fatigue and - you can’t take your eyes off! But let's see what is so afraid of a girl on the eve of her wedding? The first is that someone will be late. Secondly, the weather will be bad, and the dress may be inadvertently dirty (you never know - rain, snow and puddles under your feet!). Thirdly, the heel will suddenly break. These are the most common fears. What to do with them? Of course, get rid, dear bride, and as soon as possible! How? Just calming down and losing the situation in your imagination. It’s dirty or burnt (God forbid!) The dress - it doesn’t matter, you can cover it with a scarf! The heel has broken - you think, you can go to any store and buy new ones. Is someone late? No, everyone arrives on time. And all fears - disappear, as they never happened! The main thing is to imagine the absurdity of any fears, smile and say to yourself: "Everything will be wonderful on my wedding day!"

Creating a new family is a crucial step, so the young man will have to make a lot of effort, patience and tact in order to prevent the girl from getting nervous and starting up trifles on the eve of the wedding. By the way, it has long been noticed that quarrels often arise due to the fact that one of the future spouses takes the situation more calmly. Here is the main thing to realize: there is no reason for reproaches. And to understand this is important, preferably not in the very last hours before marriage.

And, dear brides, near you are beloved, future husbands, trust their calmness and confidence, talk heart to heart. Just stay together. Feeling thus strong support, the girl on the eve of the wedding will cease to fuss, worry. So remember that you must be near, dear men! And from a thousand and one excitement, believe me, there will be no trace. Only trust and gratitude - after all, you will have to substitute your shoulder for each other for decades. This will be one of the basic conditions of a friendly and strong family.