Tips for the bride how to look slimmer at a wedding

On the eve of the wedding, all the girls and women begin to work hard on their figure, but there is not always enough time to get in perfect shape for the treasured day. If the wedding is just around the corner, and a couple of extra kilos stubbornly remain in place, then do not despair - small female tricks will help to hide this drawback.

Slender bride
Work on the figure

To look in trend, you need to choose fashionable wedding accessories, and to look slimmer, you need to choose the “right” dress and take care of the details. It is necessary to do everything possible to emphasize the advantages of the figure, masterfully hiding its flaws. Choosing the right style dress is already half the battle. You should dwell on such a silhouette that will slim. Avoid too tight dresses that can create the effect of a tight "sausage". Too tight corsets for nothing for the same reason. The ideal option is a loose fit dress, but with a pronounced waist and accented chest and hips.

Loose Fit Wedding Dress

If you bought a tight dress, you can still fix it. Visit the wedding online store and choose the right lingerie. By “correct” is meant a figure-correcting seamless underwear made of high-tech materials. Such underwear has a soft, draining effect, while not pushing through clothes and does not create the effect of tightness. You should choose lingerie of well-known manufacturers, which is made of synthetic, but "breathing" materials that do not cling to clothing. Natural fabrics do not have the necessary elasticity, so they can not cope with the difficult task of body shaping.

Wedding bra
Silicone Invisible Bra

To choose the perfect bra model, you need to measure several options with a wedding dress. If you are at a loss with the choice yourself, then seek help from a sales consultant who will advise one or another model of linen. Sometimes small variations in cup size or girth under the chest allow you to choose the optimal bra model. Different manufacturers make errors in sizes, so focusing on a universal dimensional grid is undesirable. It is necessary to select the size exclusively in the fitting room. If you still could not find the right model, you can opt for the hit of the summer season - a silicone invisible bra that adheres directly to the body without spoiling the outfit with extra straps.