Choosing a DJ for a wedding - subtleties and nuances


Do not assume that choosing a DJ is a very minor task, the solution of which can be left to the last minute. The music that will be played at the wedding should match your taste preferences. It is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the music of the 80s, if your wedding was performed in a modern youth style. All this suggests that the style of the DJ may not coincide with your wishes. How to choose a suitable DJ so that the wedding feast is fun and, at the same time, romantic?


What is the difference between DJs?

The DJs you are used to seeing in clubs are slightly different from the wedding ones. The main difference is, of course, in the style of music, as well as in the quantity and quality of equipment. For a wedding, there is no need to load the hall with turntables or powerful speaker systems. For good sounding, two high-quality speakers are also sufficient. As for the style of music, there are significant differences. The wedding DJ often has to twist famous tunes, more often songs, so that guests can dance to the tracks of their favorite artists. Club DJ plays club music based on bass and sharp melody transition.

If you can’t decide which DJ is right for you, try to find a middle ground: ask the wedding DJ to periodically put on club music. The website advises newlyweds to consider the tastes of all guests in order to choose the right DJ for their wedding..

DJ equipment

DJ and toastmaster

It often happens that when ordering a host toastmaster, you automatically order a DJ who works in tandem with the host. Such a pairing collaboration is very convenient for both. Toastmaster may not be distracted by requests to the DJ to include this or that melody, and the DJ knows the entire program in advance and can prepare a playlist in advance. Such cooperation is beneficial for you. If the host and DJ have been working for a long time, they probably have a well-developed program. You can be sure that all music is strictly matched to the host host program. If you wish, you can independently consider the repertoire for your wedding and offer it to a DJ (in particular, this applies to the first wedding dance). You also have the right to ask to exclude some songs that, in your opinion, are inappropriate at a wedding event.

The first dance of the young

DJ - singer

You will be even more lucky if you can find a DJ who performs wonderful songs live. You can not only enjoy your favorite songs, but also visit a kind of concert. Perhaps the performer is also the author of the songs. Why do not you ask to perform for you a beautiful song that no one has heard? Such music will help you refresh the wedding celebration and cheer up guests. Make sure that the microphone and other equipment are in good condition so that there are no hitching during the wedding.

Wedding dj

A DJ for a wedding is a kind of ringleader who must select a bright repertoire. You can ask the DJ to play more slow dances or vice versa - to make a real club party. The main thing to remember is that you must take care not only of yourself, but also of your guests, whom you must also create comfortable conditions.

DJ and presenter for the wedding

The website wishes you to choose a great DJ who will make your wedding bright and unforgettable! And do not forget to show him all your respect: take care of the treats and create the necessary conditions for good work.