Welcome zone at the wedding: meeting guests


A wedding is an amazing celebration, which stands out among other holidays for its scale and uniqueness. Because I want everything to be perfect at the wedding: from wedding dresses and a banquet hall to a host and entertainments for guests.

Any event, including a wedding, begins with the arrival of guests. And so that guests will remember your celebration as a fun and interesting event, you should take care of organizing a welcome zone at the wedding, where your family and friends can wait until the wedding ceremony or banquet begins. What is it and why is it needed, the portal www.articlewedding.com will tell you.

Welcome zone at the wedding

Why do you need a welcome zone?

The Welcome zone will help create a positive and comfortable atmosphere for guests awaiting the start of the event. They will not stand, bored, alone, but will be able to get to know each other and have fun.

Welcome zone at the wedding

What is a welcome zone??

Welcome zone is a part of the wedding space, designed to welcome guests. The following elements must be present in it:

  • A plate with the date of the wedding, the names of the newlyweds and a greeting phrase («Welcome», «glad to see you» etc.) + pointers that serve «navigation» for guests. They are «tell», where is the banquet, painting, photozone, etc. In the welcome zone you can also set a seating plan (if the welcome zone is near banquet tables) so that guests can find out in advance what table they are sitting at, who will be their neighbors, etc..
  • Wedding navigation
  • Animation - a wedding host or specially hired girls (hostesses) who will meet guests and help them navigate the festive space. Do not forget about the artists who will entertain the guests: mimes, stilts, magicians, etc. Invite guests to take pictures in the photo zone or leave a wish for the newlyweds - all your relatives and friends will like these ideas.
  • Welcome zone animation
  • Welcome zone animation
  • A buffet table with refreshments and drinks so that guests, while waiting for the newlyweds, can drink soft drinks and have a snack.
  • Reception in the welcome zone
  • A lounge area where guests can relax and unwind on soft sofas or ottomans. It is better to organize such a zone near the buffet table, so that guests can enjoy snacks and drinks, conveniently located in specially organized places for relaxation.
  • Welcome bag
  • Welcome-bag or handbags «Welcome», which are presented to guests arriving at the celebration. They put things and objects that they will need during the wedding. For example, for a summer celebration in the nature it can be sunglasses + slippers, for an autumn wedding - rain umbrellas + plaidiks or scarves. You can hand out the Welcome-bag directly to the guests, or you can arrange all the prepared bags on a separate table and tell the guests that a gift has been prepared for each of them. The host can announce this. It will not be superfluous and a sign with the inscription «Gift for every guest»!
  • Lounge at the wedding

Welcome Zone Decor

The design of the welcome zone should be in harmony with the theme and color scheme of the wedding, i.e. be part of the overall decor of the celebration. The portal www.articlewedding.com presents to your attention the basic principles of welcome-zone decor:

  • Decorate the entrance to the wedding hall or place of exit painting: hang flower wreaths on the door, decorate the stairs with garlands, etc. If your celebration is organized outdoors, then you can install a beautiful arch at the entrance through which all guests arriving at the celebration will pass.
  • Come up with a single style for «navigational» accessories: a welcome stand and signs, taking into account the theme of the celebration. For example, if you decide to organize a wedding in a rustic style, then you can make them from raw boards, and write the information for guests with ordinary paint.
  • The buffet table should not only be filled with all kinds of treats, but also beautifully decorated so that guests immediately pay attention to it.
  • The lounge area should also match the style and color of the theme of the celebration. The only thing worth considering: the colors in the lounge area should be muted, conducive to relaxation and calm communication..

Wedding welcome zone decor
Welcome Zone Decor
Welcome Zone Decor

A well-organized welcome zone will become «the guarantor» your relatives and friends have a great mood, because the holiday for them will begin not with tiring expectations, but with an interesting pastime!