Is it easy to become a toastmaster?

How wonderful is the profession of toastmaster! People involved in it are capable of performing miracles at weddings. They give the wedding celebration a unique atmosphere of celebration, fun, comic commotion and joy.

But is it so easy to master this skill?

Suppose you have some experience: at the weddings of your friends you took part in organizing and conducting the celebration. You consider yourself a cheerful ringleader, capable of organizing guests and joking all night long. But is this enough?

If you are determined to try your hand as a toastmaster, then place your ad in a newspaper or on the Internet with a service offer and a brief description of your talents.

As soon as your ad receives a response, hurry to meet with a potential employer. But do not forget to capture some photos of weddings where you especially shone.

Get ready for the fact that the employer will instantly bite you and understand that your experience is still very far from true professionalism. Therefore, even if he agrees to invite you as a wedding host, your fee will be significantly reduced. Do not despair. Down and Out trouble started! Have a wedding, and there, maybe, you will get good reviews, which will greatly enhance your rating as a professional toastmaster.

Give all your energy to your wedding preparations..

Carefully study the special wedding portals, get acquainted with the wedding traditions of various peoples of the world. You will be repeatedly visited by the desire to quit this difficult matter. Resist the temptation, because you are really interested in doing this.

Get ready for the fact that, most likely, all of your know-how in the field of weddings will come across a wall of stupidity and stereotype. The employer wants his wedding to be no worse than the weddings of all his friends. And this means that the main place will be taken by traditional wedding ceremonies: bride redemption, wedding loaf, showering of young flower petals and others. But you, for your part, can offer you several other ceremonies that seem interesting and unusual to you. Most likely, this will suit you.

Prepare a sufficient arsenal of wedding jokes, jokes, toasts. Try to bind all the data you have selected into a coherent single script and follow it. By the way, the script must be assured by the customer (of course, you can hide some contests or quizzes designed for the newlyweds themselves). But the customer must approve the general course of the holiday.

Do not forget to meet the parents and witnesses of the bride and groom in advance. They also have to play the main roles in the scenario of the holiday, therefore, to enlist their support will not be out of place.

Be prepared to purchase the accessories you need (souvenirs, masks, pyrotechnics, flower petals, etc.) at your own expense.

Toastmaster is the head of the whole feast. The success of the whole wedding celebration depends on how skillfully he will fill in all the pauses between toasts and dishes. The host begins a wedding feast, and he finishes it. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that during the celebration of the wedding you will not have more than a second.

Tune in to success. The wedding, which you will undertake, will be a great success. Both the customer and guests will be satisfied. Of course, on condition that you are fully committed to this fun, but so important business.

Giving a holiday is wonderful! Good luck in your wonderful endeavor and many happy weddings on your journey.!