Funny toastmaster


Half the success of the holiday is the right choice for the host. A cheerful wedding host will be able to cheer up even the most dull guests. When choosing a toastmaster for your wedding, try the following rules..

Rule one

Be careful at the first meeting. It is no secret that some representatives of this profession are too keen on the "process", which cannot but affect its appearance. Such a "specialist" is immediately visible. He is untidy, finds words with difficulty, or vice versa, he speaks somewhat fussy. Explains that today he is not quite in shape, but this will not affect his work. At the wedding, everything will be transformed because he is a true professional with great experience, etc., etc. ... This option, of course, is not suitable for you, because the result of this "professional" is too unpredictable. One conclusion - your cheerful host, another person.

Second rule

Good Lead - Experienced Lead! A cheerful host will professionally entertain guests, offer many original contests, does not use banal jokes, and is creative about organizing a holiday. And all these qualities, as you know, are gained with experience. Ask your host for the experience, ask for recommendations. Of course, if your wedding is a friendly student party, you can invite a less experienced and young leader, but, in this case, take a closer look at how easy he is in communication, listen to his suggestions.

He must be good in public, be charming, confident!

Rule three

If self-confidence is the quality of a good professional, then excessive self-confidence and bragging indicate the opposite. If the host talks to you a little "down", emphasizing his own uniqueness and splendor, without providing a portfolio and recommendations - do not believe it! A cheerful master of ceremonies, a true professional, will never praise himself so, instead, at the first meeting, he will try to demonstrate the qualities that a wedding host needs - wit, resourcefulness, creativity. And also, be sure to provide all the information about his work, if requested by customers.

Rule Four

Choose a lead improviser! A real cheerful host to improvise in poetry and prose, skillfully weaving his creative finds in the general theme of the holiday. Many presenters, in order to facilitate their work, are content with what the Internet offers. But it’s no secret to anyone that there are not so many interesting, professional wedding scenarios, and even more so poems and wedding jokes on the Internet. Most often there is base humor and banal rhymes. After all, you don’t want your wedding to be filled with this boring, low-quality “product”? Then, do not be shy, ask the leader to give an introduction, or to show the scripts of the holidays that he composed. You can immediately determine whether his style suits you or not..

Rule Five

Competent, well-delivered speech is a professional feature. Listen to what, and as the candidate for the role of leader of your wedding says. People of different generations are usually present at the wedding, and the use of slang expressions will be incomprehensible to parents, and rude and greasy jokes are generally unacceptable!

We wish you not to be mistaken in your choice. Let the cheerful host to decorate your wedding with sparkling humor, incendiary contests! Let it be a leader who will correspond to the importance and solemnity of this unforgettable holiday - Your Wedding Day!