Can you live a family life?

Before the wedding, many start to tremble, the shadows of doubt creep in and I want to double-check everything again. Well, at least for the sake of interest, to find out if you, according to the test, are ready for family life

Husband asked to cook his mother’s favorite dish. Your actions:

a) be sure to find out from my mother-in-law a recipe;
b) prepare another delicious dish that he will surely like;
c) prepare a dish another time when the mood.

Your best friend invited you to her birthday. Earlier it was agreed that you and your spouse would come to visit, but the circumstances were such that your husband urgently needs to leave. Your actions:

a) I’ll go on a visit myself, congratulate my girlfriend and have a nice time;
b) I will not go, having come up with some excuse;
c) I’ll definitely congratulate you, but in some other way (I’ll go to work ...)

You planned to do a general cleaning tomorrow (wash the windows, clean the carpets, clean a bunch of gathered laundry, etc.). Husband in the evening reports that tomorrow you are going on vacation outside the city. Your actions:

a) "cleanliness is the guarantee of health", cleaning is more important than outdoor recreation;
b) undoubtedly, we will go to rest, cleaning can always be postponed;
c) together we plan and decide how best to spend time tomorrow.

Coming from work, your husband greets you with a slit on the nose. You don’t like it, what will be your actions to wean him:

a) upload a tantrum about this;
b) I will give him change, cracking him on the nose with a jabber so that he knows how “pleasant” it is;
c) I will find a way to explain that I do not like it.

  • You made a cake according to your girlfriend’s recipe, when you arrived home you found that there wasn’t a trace of the cake. Your actions: a) I will pretend that nothing happened;
    b) I will tell him everything that I think about it, after which I will be offended for a long time;
    c) it's okay, there is reason to make another cake.
  • You are excited that difficulties have arisen at work. Your actions on returning home: a) I will share my feelings with my spouse;
    b) the spouse does not need to know about my difficulties at work;
    c) I will share with my spouse after some time.
  • Your spouse is waiting for her sister to arrive, and you have a tense relationship with her. Your actions upon her arrival: a) in order not to see her, I will leave for a while;
    b) I will give her a warm welcome, I will pretend that I am very glad to see her;
    c) the arrival of my sister will not change anything in my behavior.
  • You often take the initiative in solving difficult situations on which your fate will depend: a) yes;
    b) no;
    c) it is difficult for me to answer this question.
  • You bought a bright shirt for your spouse. In his opinion, it is too bright, and most likely it will lie new in the closet. Your actions:

a) buy another less bright shirt;
b) I will appeal by the fact that I really like the shirt, so let it wear;
c) I will answer him by saying that I will never buy things for him again, because he does not like them.

To summarize:

a - 3, b - 2, c - 1;

a — 1, b — 3, c — 2;

a — 3, b — 1, c — 2;

a — 1, b — 2, c — 3;

a — 3, b — 1, c — 2;

a — 1, b — 3, c — 2;

a — 1, b — 2, c — 3;

a — 3, b — 2, c — 1;

a — 3, b — 2, c — 1.

  • You scored from 0 to 9 points:

    You should as soon as possible get away from preparing for the wedding, from your affairs, from thinking about a new family life, the hustle and bustle of relatives. Your fiance missed you pretty much. Now for both of you, rest outside the city, in nature, away from everyone, will become not only a relaxation of the tense atmosphere, but also a pleasant joint pastime.

    You scored from 10 to 15 points:

    Before deciding to create a new family, you probably carefully considered everything, weighing all the pros and cons. You are more than likely ready for family life. Wisdom is the companion of your life. Before making a decision, you will probably think it over, and then you will act. You can always listen to the advice and point of view of another person, but, nevertheless, do it your way.

    You scored from 19 and more:

    You are 100% ready for family life, a long time preparing for this event will allow you to become a real treasure for your spouse. But do not so often neglect and sacrifice your interests for the sake of others. Sooner or later they will sit on your neck.