Low heel wedding shoes


For each girl, creating a wedding image is very exciting, because this is the most long-awaited day when you have the opportunity to feel like a real queen. It is necessary not only to choose a beautiful dress that favorably emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, but also to find suitable wedding shoes with low heels. Why not high? What are the benefits of low-cut bridesmaid shoes? What rules should be followed when choosing such wedding shoes?

Benefits of Low Heel Wedding Shoes

When choosing a wedding outfit, special attention should be paid to accessories - handbag, hairstyle, veil, and also shoes. The bride will have to stay in shoes all day, so they should be as comfortable as possible and fit perfectly in size. If you have decided in favor of shoes that have a high heel, it’s worthwhile to pick up spare shoes with a small heel or without it at all, so that you can change shoes and give the legs a little rest.

Wedding shoes on low speed will be a real salvation and will come in handy after the ceremony, when you have to stand for a long time during the photo shoot. In these shoes, the leg will feel very comfortable, it is convenient to dance in them, without feeling even the slightest stiffness of movements. The most convenient and no less elegant option is wedding ballet flats, which are ideally combined with a long dress on the floor.

If you opted for shoes with a small heel, you need to choose its suitable height, which can fluctuate within 3 cm (+/- 1 centimeter), perhaps a little more. So that the wedding day is not overshadowed by leg pain due to a long stay in uncomfortable shoes, it is necessary to choose not only beautiful and stylish shoes, but also comfortable.

Low heel bride shoes

What low-heeled shoes are best for a wedding?

Regardless of the number of fashionable models of shoes for brides, the final choice depends on the style in which the holiday itself will be held. Below we dwell in more detail on the most popular models: closed shoes with a heel-glass, ballet shoes, classic, elegant boats. Choose the shoes that best suit your look. You can choose shoes to match the dress or play in contrast. Decoration can be: sequins, delicate lace, artificial flowers, transparent or multi-colored rhinestones.

Low heel wedding shoes

Closed-heeled shoes

Shoes that have a heel in the shape of a wineglass have long become fashionable and have become the most comfortable shoes for the bride - they are elegant, sophisticated and help create a delicate look. Such an element as a heel-shot glass was popular in the distant 60s. If you want to be irresistible at your own wedding, feel comfortable, and by the end of the evening do not suffer from severe pain in your legs, you should opt for shoes of this model.

Slipper shoes

Closed ballet shoes

Most modern brides for the festive ceremony prefer to wear an elegant version of the shoe - model high-heeled shoes. However, there are times when such shoes are simply inappropriate, and only shoes without a heel can come up. Closed ballet shoes should be worn when:

  • the bride is pregnant, so she can’t walk all day in high heels;
  • the growth of the groom or the young does not allow you to wear heels;
  • the dress is very magnificent and short, or made in a sophisticated Greek style;
  • the bride does not like or cannot walk in high heel shoes.

No matter what your figure and dress, closed ballet flats for a wedding will be an ideal option, because they are not subject to fashion and are always popular among girls. Ballet shoes are made of soft leather, dense fabric, satin, have a diverse lineup. Lace patterns, as well as shoes decorated with rhinestones, beads, ribbons, bows, look very beautiful and elegant. Choosing a dress and choosing accessories for it, you can begin the search for ballet shoes that will help create a complete, harmonious look.

Wedding ballet shoes


One of the most popular and sought-after models among brides is pumps. This option is preferred by business women, office workers, and it is also often used in everyday women's wardrobe. Boats are always relevant, especially if you get married. They are made from a variety of materials - suede, soft leather, latex, lace fabric. Decorated with ribbons, beads or rhinestones..

Wedding shoes

What height of the heel will be appropriate at the celebration?

If the shoes on low speed or ballet shoes are not suitable for you, then choose shoes with a heel height of not more than 5 cm for the wedding. This is the best option - such shoes are very comfortable to wear, do not cause fast leg fatigue, give a feeling of comfort. In these shoes you can easily go all day and create a truly irresistible, feminine, sophisticated look.

The shape of the heel can be various - a column, a brick, a cone-shaped, wedge-shaped, a glass. The latter option is the most convenient for brides, because they have to stay on their feet all day, which is very difficult. If the wedding takes place in the winter, at this time of the year keeping balance and stability of the shoes is of great importance, so you should opt for a stacked heel, a column or a small wedge, the height of which should not exceed 5 cm.

A selection of low-heeled shoes with rhinestones