High Heel Wedding Sandals


Summer is a great time, and even this time of year is ideal for celebrations. For example, weddings. A beautiful, magnificent dress, veil and wedding sandals are a common image that many brides seek. If you want to look stylish and fashionable at your own celebration, be sure to emphasize your outfit with the right shoes.

How to choose wedding high-heeled sandals?

In order for the wedding to be remembered to you only with good moments, and not with terrible pain and grated calluses, you should be as responsible as possible when choosing your shoes. To do this, at the time of purchase, remember that:

  • The material of the sandals must be natural and high quality.
  • A stable pad allows the foot to feel comfortable even with the highest heels.
  • High-heeled sandals should match the overall style of the dress.

Convenience: suitable heel height

Even a high heel can be comfortable

Wedding events do not allow you to stay in one place for a long time. First, you will participate in a fun ransom, followed by an official ceremony and luxurious registration, joint celebrations and a photo shoot, and the culmination of the holiday will be a magnificent banquet, where you have to receive guests and dance a lot. That's why wedding shoes should be comfortable and not cause discomfort..

If in ordinary life you don’t wear high-heeled shoes or if your height is much higher than average, then you should not choose such a model for a wedding. It will be most reasonable if your choice falls on a model of sandals with a small elevation and an elegant form of a sock, since modern designers offer a wide selection of interesting models. If the height of the hairpin does not affect your well-being, be sure to check the strength of the pads. Another rule says: buy shoes for the wedding in advance. This is necessary so that you have time for her «get used to».

Shoe material and finish

The decoration of the wedding shoes should be harmonious

Material for wedding shoes or sandals in most cases is white. But other shades are also allowed (in a delicate, pastel color scheme). It is desirable that the quality of the material is at a high level. For example, real skin will allow the foot «breathe», prevent rubbing, and also will not allow corns to appear. But you can opt for lace-up sandals. This is when the upper part of the sandals is made of thick tulle, decorated with elegant applique or rhinestones. However, this model of wedding sandals requires warm, sunny weather..

The decoration of wedding sandals can be completely different. As a decorative element can be:

  • stasis;
  • beads;
  • beads;
  • tapes;
  • all kinds of applications;
  • artificial flowers;
  • metal hardware.

The decoration of sandals with heels must be. An excessive amount of sandals adornments will make the whole holiday look harder. There will be nothing for the eye «cling to», and in the end, you will not get an elegant shoe, but a vulgar option. Also, do not choose sandals with a very open heel. Firstly, you will be uncomfortable during dancing, and secondly, there is a sign that being a bride in such shoes is not good.


When choosing the style of sandals, consider the style of the dress

Any accessory should harmoniously complement the bride’s outfit. This rule also applies to sandals. Their task is to emphasize the solemn image and give it a finished, completed look. To understand what style of sandals you need to buy, you must know exactly the model of your dress for the wedding day. That is, you must first choose a dress, and then wedding shoes.

So, for example, if the dress is lush and richly decorated, then not decorating sandals should not be excessive so as not to overload the image. If you are wearing a short outfit that opens your legs, be sure to highlight their beauty with beautiful heeled sandals. Style «Empire» implies the presence of sandals only with high heels to emphasize the silhouette. And for a magnificent outfit, sandals on any heel are suitable.

Photo of stylish high-heeled bride sandals