Wedding ballet shoes


For every woman, a wedding is always a pleasant chore when choosing a dress, accessories, a celebration is planned. The bride pays special attention to her shoes, because in classic high-heeled shoes you can’t go all day. Sometimes a girl has to change several pairs for the entire celebration. So that you don’t have to do this, it’s better to buy wedding ballet shoes that look elegant and comfortable to walk on, and after the wedding, your legs don’t remind yourself of pain.

Benefits of Wedding Flats

High-heeled wedding shoes are considered classic for such a gala event. But there are many cases where the bride cannot put on stilettos, for example:

  1. For health.
  2. The short stature of the groom does not allow you to wear a heel.
  3. The newlywed's dress is too lush.
  4. The bride’s wedding dress is too short or made in the Greek style.
  5. Newlywed pregnancy.

Wedding ballet shoes are not subject to any fashion, especially since their lineup is very diverse: classic strict models and stylish ballet shoes embroidered with bows, lace, rhinestones, beads, colored ribbons. They are made of genuine soft leather with the addition of dense fabric or satin. There are also exclusive varnish models with embossed snake skin or metal coating..

The main advantages of models of wedding shoes with low heels include:

  • Universality. They are used for holidays and for everyday wear..
  • Convenience. You will not be tired with them, even if you will be in ballet shoes all day.
  • Practicality. If a theme wedding is planned in nature, the bride will not have to worry that heels will fall into the ground. These shoes will be an excellent choice on a hot day and in the evening cool..
  • Profitability. Compared to other wedding models, ballet flats are much cheaper.

Comfort is the main advantage of ballet shoes for a wedding

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Tips for choosing ballet shoes for the bride

For the wedding, any shoes are carefully selected, and ballet shoes are no exception. Firstly, they should not attract the attention of others, and secondly, it is important that the chosen model is in perfect harmony with the wedding outfit. Here are some tips for choosing a low-heeled bride's ballet flats:

  • If the bride's dress is long to the floor, choose simple models without decorations.
  • Shoes should be selected only after purchasing dresses and accessories. The simpler the dress, the more shoes should be decorated.
  • It is advisable that the wedding shoes be in the tone of the dress, bridal bouquet or accessories. Ballet shoes can become an accent in the overall image of the bride.

Going to the store for wedding low-heeled shoes, take a photo of your wedding day dress, where you can clearly see the texture of the outfit. Do not buy the first pair you like, visit a number of stores. Measure several options of different shapes, walk around them in the pavilion, pay attention to the block so that the choice is successful.

Shoes should be such that you can wear them after the wedding. Pay attention to the sole so that it is not slippery, otherwise there is the opportunity to slip at the most inopportune moment. Do not buy a style with an elastic band, so that at the end of the ceremony your legs do not swell and the elastic bands do not dig into the skin. Practice walking, your walk should look free and natural.

Yellow ballet shoes require yellow accessories

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The size

Models of low-heeled shoes will never make you suffer from pain in your legs or calluses, if their size is correctly selected. Do not rush, trying on your favorite pair. Walk around the store, make sure that it matches your figure and foot size. Excessive fitting will not hurt. No need to buy a small size, hoping to spread it over time: this way you will only create a big problem for your wedding. Do not buy ballet shoes one size larger: a stretched product will quickly lose its appeal.

Shoe color

The shoe market offers us a choice of wedding ballet shoes of all colors of the rainbow. Modern brides decisively move away from created stereotypes and choose bright models for the wedding. To match the color of shoes, a bride’s bouquet, belt or jewelry is selected. The lilac, orange, bright green, sunny or sky blue models look delightful with a snow-white dress. But the snow-white classic with sequins, beads or pearls has not disappeared, and is in great demand among brides.

Wedding shoes can be any color

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Decor Elements: Rhinestones and Bows

Traditionally, wedding shoes are decorated with lace, shining crystals, innocent bows of colored satin ribbons, silk flowers or brooches. Models with delicate satin ties around the legs of the bride look very impressive, creating an airy look. Glamorous wedding shoes are popular among girls: ballet shoes decorated with colorful sequins. Watch the video below and learn how to decorate low-heeled wedding shoes.

Ballet flats look elegant

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How to make DIY wedding ballet shoes?

So fashionable now lace ballet flats open the way to creativity. Making a unique pair on your own is easy, for this we need:

  • white simple ballet shoes or sole from old;
  • lace;
  • fabric suitable for wedding dress;
  • scissors, glue;
  • needle thread.

So, we proceed:

  1. Wrap the ballet flats in half, which is folded in two, and make a few stitches at the outer edge so that the lace holds well.
  2. We will decorate the nose separately to make an interesting accent..
  3. Glue the lace to the sole carefully so as not to stain the ballet shoes with glue.
  4. We’ll make the heel tighter so that the shoes become more practical and withstand the whole day of the celebration.
  5. Put our lace ballet shoes on the shelf waiting for the wedding.

Photo of wedding ballet shoes for the bride

If you have chosen wedding shoes with decor, then it is better to let the dress not be too long. Otherwise, no one will see all the beauty, and it will be much easier to move around in a shortened outfit. Low-heeled shoes look perfect with a dress that has a short length and a clearly defined waist that resembles a ballet tutu. Check out the photo selection with several options for wedding images with ballet shoes.

Golden Shoes Models

Blue ballet shoes

Airy dress blends perfectly with lace

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