Red wedding shoes


Red wedding shoes are a lucky whim of the bride, which makes her look unforgettable. Such an accessory lurks the ancient power of color, which brings love, prosperity and passion to the future family. It doesn’t matter if red shoes are part of a themed wedding or a simple element of a festive dress, they will bring good luck, beauty and originality.

How to choose red shoes for the bride for the wedding

When the theme of the wedding is determined, it's time to choose accessories. One of the most important accent elements of the outfit is shoes. With the help of red shoes, it is easy to emphasize the elegant whiteness of the dress, the purity of the charming appearance of the heroine of the holiday, the freshness and passion of the feelings of the newlyweds. Such a highlight fits well in the outfit that already has red details, but it may be the only bright accent.

Red shoes with decor require special care when choosing, because a bright print or crazy pattern will spoil the elegant component of the image. They are only relevant in cases where the wedding is celebrated in a certain style:

  • White polka dot shoes are suitable for retro.
  • A wedding in the spirit of fairy tales makes it possible to delight yourself with intricate flower accessories.

Give special attention to makeup and manicure. It should give the impression that the nails, lips of the bride and her red festive shoes were covered with one paint. The color should be identical, but it is important to maintain the measure. The bride, deciding on a red varnish, should give preference to short rounded nails. In makeup, it is important to leave one highlight: if red lipstick is chosen, do not let your eyes down too much, and leave your cheekbones without a thick layer of blush.

Here are a few secrets that will surely help in the difficult choice of a pair of magical scarlet or burgundy shoes for a wedding celebration:

  1. The sole of red shoes is simply obliged to become an extension of the legs of the bride. Formal shoes should be comfortable so that the beautiful lady can easily endure her most important day in life.
  2. When choosing high-heeled shoes, follow prudence: stilettos look great, but spending a lot of time in them is extremely difficult.
  3. Let's open a little secret on choosing the height of the heel: trying on red wedding shoes, climb on toes, and if from the heel to the floor more than 2 cm - your height.

Patterns of red wedding shoes

Choosing a red shoe model is a very important part of preparing for the celebration. They will certainly be noticed, so they should be stylish, relevant, beautiful, especially if the bride’s dress is short and everyone’s shoes are in full view. It makes sense to dwell on fashionable models, which can then be worn in everyday life or made heroes of ceremonial-weekend images.

Patent leather shoes

Looks great lacquered models. Since they were originally inherent in brightness and brilliance, it is allowed to dwell on options without additional decor. Laconic models without accessories can easily complement the outfit. Rhinestones, embroidery, engraving here will be superfluous and only spoil the whole impression. Shy shoes are welcome and justified.

Red patent leather shoes

When staying on red shoes in varnish, pay special attention to the boats. Models with a narrowed toe on stiletto heels perfectly decorate women's legs, because this is a classic that wonderfully harmonizes with dresses of various styles. Shoes with classic, modern and retro outfits. Simple dresses and luxurious toilets with rich décor make friends with this elegant red shoe..

With a bow or flower decor

Red sandals with decorative bows or flowers look fabulous. The bride becomes like a puppet princess who gracefully steps towards her dream. If the dress is long, the decor should be small and not too bulging - a neat bow on the heel or toe will fit perfectly. When the length of the dress demonstrates the shoes in all its glory, there is no need to be modest. Choose models with large flowers around the ankles or with luxurious bows over the heel - they amazingly focus on slim legs.

Red shoes with bows and flowers.

Adorned with stones or rhinestones

What is a glitter wedding toilet? which means that you can not do without the red shoes of the bride, decorated with iridescent stones and shining rhinestones. They give the image a little magic, mysteriously playing with rays. These shoes are suitable for concise and richly decorated toilets. In the first case, it compensates for the modesty and simplicity of the outfit, in the second - it complements the composition with the appropriate decor. Red shoes with shiny fittings are decorated in different ways:

  • In some cases, it is permissible to limit yourself to a small brooch that crowns a neat little toe.
  • Sometimes a graceful strip of rhinestones is enough, which runs all over the heel.
  • But some bride dresses require richly decorated shoes - then wedding red shoes are honored to be completely strewn with shiny stones.

Red shoes with rhinestones for the bride

Red lace shoes

Models made of lace look very elegant. In combination with red, the openwork of the material looks especially sensual and feminine. It is permissible for the bride to choose sandals that are completely lace or with partial trim. Translucent inserts in the area of ​​the neckline of the shoe or around the heel give the image a kind of mysterious seductiveness. When the base under the lace is made in flesh color, it seems that the bride’s legs are shrouded in delicate guipure clouds.

As for the color of the shoes, it is best to dwell on beige, white and red, since such a gamut is most appropriate as a basis for lace:

  • Beige does not draw attention to itself and allows the main tone to reveal.
  • White looks rich and clean, complementing the dress well. You need it and choose the color of the outfit.
  • Red models with lace in tone are the easiest and most successful solution..
  • The black base looks impressive, but not always appropriate at a wedding celebration.
    Wedding red shoes with lace

What wedding dress goes with red shoes

As for the color of the dress, it all depends on the saturation of the red shoes. White, yellow, light blue, silver outfit harmonizes with bright tones, with golden - cream, beige, purple, sand, orange with dark ones. The red dress should be on the same palette with accessories. It is not advisable to combine scarlet shoes with a burgundy outfit.

The combination of red wedding shoes with a white and red dress looks very advantageous. Enough of a belt, inserts on a skirt or a corset of the corresponding shade to get a magnificent harmonious image. The bride looks stylish and modern, since such experiments are still very fresh and unbanal. The charm of a traditional white dress remains, but it is complemented by originality and courage.

Wedding dress under scarlet shoes

If there is something red on the dress, you need to adhere to several rules when choosing shoes:

  • The hue must match exactly. Red shoes should be as bright or muffled as the details of the outfit. The same applies to the bouquet..
  • It is important to maintain the harmony of the material. Dress in shiny satin - choose shoes made of smooth leather, velvet dress - pay attention to varnish models.

Since red shoes need a chance to shine before admiring glances, they are well suited for short dresses. As an option - models with a train at the back, it is recommended to supplement them with beautiful belts that have something in common with shoes. You should not forget to raise the long hem from time to time, at least at the photo shoot to highlight your bright shoes will definitely not be superfluous.

Photo of red shoes for a wedding

Before shopping, looking for the perfect red shoes, see photos of possible models. Our selection will allow you to create in your head the image of the couple that will make the holiday outfit magical and charming. Choose red shoes for your dress, studying the successful images of brides. Design decisions will tell you how to best fit such a bright accessory into your wedding outfit..

Red wedding shoes photo