Wedding shoes for the bride


Nothing in the image of a newlywed should be out of the general style, so any girl before the wedding seeks to think through everything to the smallest detail. She chooses the perfect dress, hairstyle, accessories, makeup and, of course, shoes. But how to choose the right shoes for the wedding? The main factor for this is the season, which will have a celebration. It is conditionally possible to divide all wedding shoes into three groups: summer, winter and demi-season.

Shoe models for a summer wedding

If the newlyweds intend to marry in the summer or late spring, then model shoes with an open toe, sandals or ballet shoes will become options for suitable shoes. And sandals and shoes can have both high and low heels. In the first case, the bride will look slimmer and taller, in the second - feel much more comfortable.

Perhaps the bride and groom decided to hold a summer ceremony on the beach. In this case, the options for wedding shoes will be different, since the presence of sand under your feet significantly reduces the choice. Sandals or sandals without a heel will be comfortable. An elegant image will be created by light models decorated with rhinestones, bows, sparkles, beads and other beautiful details of the decor. In them, the bride will look no worse than in elegant stilettos.


Comfortable and stable shoes prevent the bride from discomfort during the holiday. Graceful and weightless - this characteristic should suit the bride and groom on the day of the celebration. However, the image is easy to crumble if you fail to choose a pair of wedding shoes. To find the best option for shoes, you should determine what it should be. Indicators of perfectly selected studs will be:

  • High wearing comfort.
  • Great combination with the style and color of the wedding dress.

Nevertheless, comfort is the main quality to be guided by when choosing shoes for a celebration. Since the bride will be forced to spend all day on her feet, dance, pose in front of the camera, shoes should not rub their legs, and the heel should be as stable as possible. Despite the fact that the hairpins look very impressive and sexy, before making a purchase, the bride should think about whether she can spend the whole day in them. We recommend staying at a heel height of 5-7 centimeters - this will be the best solution.

Wedding stilettos

Low heeled sandals

High heels will be the risk of turning the wedding into a day of torment. Instead of enjoying the happiest day, the bride and groom will dream of its early end. Isn't it better to take care of yourself? Choosing wedding sandals with a low, stable heel (up to 6 cm), you combine comfort and beauty. The simplest, and, most importantly, beautiful option, will be sandals or sandals. White models decorated with rhinestones, flowers, crystals are perfectly combined with a summer wedding dress. If you decide to hold a ceremony on the beach, sandals will be the perfect solution..

Wedding stilettos}

Wedding ballet shoes

Each future bride pays great attention to the choice of wedding shoes. Since you don’t like to wear high-heeled shoes all day, the bride and groom have to stock up on a different, more comfortable pair of shoes. In order not to buy replacement shoes, it is worth choosing wedding flats at low speed. They look great, and, most importantly, the legs in them will be very comfortable. In addition to convenience, there are many reasons why brides should choose shoes without a heel:

  • Pregnancy or Health.
  • Low growth of the bride and groom.
  • Too puffy or short wedding dress.
  • Wedding dress made in the Greek style.

Wedding ballet shoes are not subject to rapidly changing fashion, their lineup is very rich: classic, elegant with bows or lace, embroidered with beads or rhinestones, decorated with ribbons. They can be sewn from genuine or eco-friendly leather, satin or dense fabric. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties when choosing the optimal model for a particular wedding dress.

The main advantages of wedding ballet shoes are:

  1. Practicality. If the celebration scenario involves going outdoors, the bride may not worry that heels will fall into the ground.
  2. Universality. After the holiday, shoes can be worn in everyday life..
  3. Profitability. Compared to other wedding styles, ballet shoes have a lower cost.
  4. Convenience. In ballet shoes there is no reason to worry about leg fatigue, you can easily spend all day in them.

Ballet shoes for a wedding

What shoes to wear for a bride for a wedding in winter?

Modern fashion trends allow you to wear ordinary casual shoes for the wedding. Therefore, almost any model of winter boots or ankle boots will be appropriate in your wedding look. If the bride does not want to mix several different styles, then it is worthwhile to find boots or half boots of white or light beige color. There are many such models not only in specialized wedding salons, but also in ordinary shoe stores.

If the ceremony is planned for winter or early spring, the bride will need a few pairs of shoes. Shoes, boots or ugg boots will be needed to stay on the street, and for the banquet hall should be changed into shoes or ballet shoes. The bride’s winter shoes should have a stable heel, or platform, so that you are comfortable walking in icy conditions or snowdrifts. You can opt for flat shoes.

The main question facing the bride when choosing winter wedding shoes will be the correspondence of the length of the dress to the height of the heels. If you want to put on hairpins at the banquet, then the length of the wedding dress should correspond to them, otherwise there is a chance to break the hem or worse - to fall and get injured. When choosing street shoes, this criterion should also be taken into account. If you give preference to a model without heels, in order not to stain the hem of the dress, you will have to constantly hold it in your hands.

High lace boots

The image of the bride is associated with a romantic, feminine and delicate silhouette. Therefore, no matter what outfit you choose, the overall look should match these qualities. Preferring white wedding boots, designers recommend choosing models from lace. This material was originally used to create wedding accessories, so lace shoes perfectly fit the image of the bride.

Tall white boots with heels, decorated with delicate lace, complement the fabulous look of a winter bride. Such models provide the opportunity to wear a short wedding dress, exposing the legs, guaranteeing them warmth and comfort. Leather models are considered practical, so it is advisable to purchase them. In such boots, the bride's feet will be protected from cold and moisture. But from an aesthetic point of view, suede styles look more interesting - they are more delicate, unusual.

Wedding lace boots

Wedding Ankle Boots

White or ivory ankle boots sewn from genuine leather are perfect for practical brides. After all, after the end of the holiday it will be possible to wear them, combining with any bright outerwear. However, choosing ankle boots is very careful, there is a risk of choosing shoes that visually spoil the bride’s figure or cheapen her image. Give preference to a pair of high heels (not stilettos), with a round nose. The material may be leather or natural suede..

Ankle boots for a wedding

Wedding shoe options for spring and autumn

Demi-season weddings are an occasion for the bride and groom to spend most of the day outdoors, providing them with beautiful landscapes of fresh greenery or an orange-red carpet of leaves. And if everything is clear with the bride’s dress - a long sleeve, thick material, a cape - then the question of choosing the right wedding shoes remains open. Autumn and spring allow bright colors: red, yellow, green, orange, turquoise. Fans of more restrained tones should pay attention to the classic white, beige, cream, ivory, coffee and vanilla shades..

Closed shoes

If the weather is nice, then autumn wedding shoes may be shoes. It is recommended that the bride pay attention to elegant varnish boats, retro-style models or more textured styles - with metal, wooden decorative details. On such wedding shoes you can focus with knitted stockings or golfs. The tone of the shoe does not have to copy the colors of the other components of the wedding image, but must be in harmony with them.

Closed shoes for the bride

Wedding Ankle Boots

Stylish, graceful light ankle boots decorated with original details - embroidery, lace inserts, appliqués, fur, rivets or even spikes - will be an excellent addition to the image of the bride and groom. For the demi-season period, models with any heels are suitable: high stilettos or stable «piles». If the wedding will be held in late autumn or early spring, then it is worth paying attention to the insulated ankle boots with a lapel made of natural fur. For the rest of the time, you should choose unusual styles, decorated with straps or stylish lacing..

Honeymoon Ankle Boots

Photo of wedding shoes for the bride

Each bride decides whether she wants to opt for classic shoes, sandals or move away from generally accepted rules and choose something more original. Fantasy world couturiers do not hold, they are constantly developing new models of wedding shoes for each season: boots, wedding shoes, boots, rubber boots, slippers and much more. However, only courageous brides can decide on such unusual options..

Wedding shoes

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