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Selection of a wedding dress is a pleasant and difficult task for a girl. The good mood of the bride at the upcoming celebration depends on the right choice of wedding shoes. If they are beautiful and comfortable, they will perfectly complement the outfit, making it elegant and complete. High-heeled wedding shoes are preferred by many brides, because they give the image more harmony and femininity. But from a huge assortment of models it is not easy to choose a suitable pair of festive shoes. What to look for when choosing wedding shoes?

What should be the wedding shoes

The future bride strives at her wedding to be irresistible, beautiful and impeccable in every way. In this, a properly selected wedding outfit will help her. And wedding shoes with high heels will make the girl's walk more feminine and confident, add a figure of harmony and growth. When choosing a shoe model for a celebration, consider the following factors: shape, height, color, size.

When purchasing, check the quality of the product. To do this, carefully inspect the selected model. It should not have protruding threads, scuffs, dry pieces of glue, oblique lines. Be sure to measure the left and right shoes, attaching them to each other. Naturally, they must be exactly the same in length. If you feel an unpleasant smell of chemicals from the selected model, then immediately refuse to purchase it. Check the quality of the sole by bending it slightly. In a quality product, it will bend slightly in the bend of the foot.

Shape and height

The higher the heel, the more slender and spectacular the silhouette of the bride will be. Therefore, girls often opt for wedding shoes with high heels. But to spend a busy holiday in such shoes will require special efforts. To minimize possible inconvenience, choose shoes with a steady high heel and a comfortable shoe.

Wedding shoes can be high heels or have a heel square or rounded. If trying on shoes, you even felt a little discomfort, then it is better to refuse to buy this model. Do not be fooled that then the inconvenience will disappear. During the fitting of the model, is something a little squeezed or did the strap, lift or heel seem slightly uncomfortable? This is a reason to look for another product..

bride shoes for a celebration

A truly comfortable model with a high heel when trying to feel right away. In it, the girl will feel comfortable from the first steps taken in new shoes. If you doubt that you can wear high-heeled shoes all day, take heed and get two pairs of shoes. One of them should be a more convenient option for shoes, so that in the second half of the holiday you can change your shoes. For this purpose, for example, a product with a high platform is perfect.

When choosing a shoe model for a wedding, consider the time of the festive event. Shoes with uniform «boat» perfect for the bride if the celebration is planned in the fall or spring. But at other times of the year, going down the aisle, girls can also safely choose this style of shoes. If the wedding is scheduled for the summer, then open shoes with a closed back and toe or beautiful sandals are a great choice..

When choosing shoes, keep in mind that models with a rounded toe make the foot more miniature, and with a sharp nose they visually increase the foot. If you want to wear a high-heeled model for the wedding, but rarely wear such shoes in everyday life, then long before the celebration, buy yourself the same shoes for everyday wear for training the right gait.

When choosing a high-heeled model, consider the height of the groom and the length of the dress. The right combination of wedding attire and shoes plays a decisive role in creating a harmonious image of the bride. For a wedding dress «to the floor» this point is especially important, because if the heel is not high enough, it will be sloppy to drag, and if it is too high, it will look inappropriate.

The size

To choose comfortable shoes, do not buy shoes in the morning. At this time, the leg is smaller than in the afternoon after active motor activity. It is better to buy shoes in the afternoon, so you can choose a model with the right size and shape and which will not become cramped after serious loads during the upcoming holiday.

wedding boats

It is worth giving preference to shoes made of leather, in which the heel and toe would have some elasticity. But the heel must be tough so that it does not bend while walking. This is ensured by the presence of a stiffness plate in the shoe, which is a guarantee of a beautiful gait on heels. Buy shoes a few weeks before the celebration, so that there is time to get used to them and lightly carry them before the wedding.


When choosing shoes for a celebration, follow the following rule: the shade of the model should be in harmony with the color of the wedding dress or with other parts of the wedding dress (handbag, ribbons, bows, embroidery, flowers). White wedding shoes are the preference of most brides. But also a lot of girls opt for a wedding dress and shoes with ivory, champagne or in bed colors. Under a white wedding dress, shoes choose a tone darker.

bride shod model ivory

The latest trends in bridal fashion allow brides to wear festive attire not only in different shades of white, but also to experiment with brighter colors. To choose the right shoes, take a piece of fabric of your wedding dress with you to the store. This will allow you to understand what color to choose the model for the celebration. The satin upper of the shoe goes well with the mother-of-pearl fabrics of the dress, and the crepe-coated model will ideally harmonize with the matte shade of the wedding attire.

What high-heeled wedding shoes to choose?

The girl on the wedding day wants to be irresistible. Designer shoe models will help to create a unique wedding look, but not every bride can afford the cost of designer shoes. However, if you show a little imagination, then from a factory pair of shoes you can create an elegant and unique model yourself. Self-decorated shoes with rhinestones or lace will look great. But with decorations, you need to be careful not to overload the wedding dress.

With rhinestones

If the wedding dress is strict, then the shoes can be more expressive. To decorate your wedding shoes with shiny stones, you will need glue and rhinestones. On rhinestones, place rhinestones with a brush on glue on a clean, without factory decor, and straighten with a needle. When choosing a shade of stones, focus, for example, on the color of the wedding.



Lace is the current trend in wedding fashion, so it is used to decorate shoes for the bride. High-heeled shoes with this decor will give the girl an image of romance and tenderness. They will look harmonious with a wedding outfit with guipure elements. In order to decorate your shoes with lace yourself, you need to prepare glue, fabric, material, scissors.

lace decor on wedding shoes

Choose a guipure for decor so that it either exactly matches the color of the dress, or slightly differs from it. Using a centimeter, determine how much fabric is needed for the appliqué and cut the desired piece from the lace material. Then, with a brush, apply glue to the shoes and glue the guipure insert on it. Such lace wedding shoes will perfectly match with bow decor.

Classic white

Often brides give preference to classic white pumps in the form of boats. Such products can be made from leather, suede, brocade, satin. White «classic» Fits almost all styles of wedding dresses. For example, if a white outfit is replete with rhinestones, bows or other decorations, then strict classic shoes are suitable for a harmonious image. Having chosen a classic style model, you will never be mistaken and will look elegant.

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