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High-heeled shoes can work wonders: they visually make a woman slimmer, taller, more elegant. Most brides for their solemn event choose classic shoes with heels. Choosing the right shoes is just as important as buying a dream dress. But more and more young girls are beginning to give preference when choosing wedding shoes ballet shoes, boots, sandals on a low stroke.

How to choose shoes for a wedding

Pros of Flat Wedding Shoes

Some brides opt for flat shoes because of the inability to wear high-heeled shoes. So, with varicose veins, it seems impossible to decorate your leg with a high heel. Other girls, on a daily basis, wear mostly low-shoe models and do not want to change their preferences even on their wedding day.

The main advantage of flat shoes for the bride is comfort. A woman will have to spend all day on her legs, which may be tired by the end of the celebration, and wearing a hairpin will cause pain. With shoes at low speed, such problems will not arise, in sandals or ballet shoes you will feel like in slippers. No bride will miss a wedding dance!

Benefits of Low-Sole Wedding Shoes

Pregnant brides should also give up high heels. The legs of women carrying a baby, prone to swelling, and narrow shoes with high rise will cause great discomfort. In addition, on a thin hairpin it is easy to stumble or tuck a leg, which is fraught with serious problems for a pregnant woman. Flat shoes as an addition to a wedding dress are chosen by tall brides who want to visually smooth the difference in height with the groom.

The issue of practicality is no less important in this matter. Few brides at the end of the wedding will be able to shod their fashionable stilettos somewhere. Usually they gather dust in a closet and put on their shoes no more than twice a year. White sandals, ballet shoes or sandals that were on the woman on their wedding day will be a great addition to the spring-summer wardrobe. You can wear such shoes for any outfits.

Flat shoes for a wedding

Tips for choosing shoes for the bride

The choice of wedding sandals or shoes for some brides does not seem as important as buying or sewing a wedding dress, but shoes are far from the last factor that makes up the overall impression of the wedding dress. In some cases, the whole ceremony and the mood of a woman depends on correctly selected shoes, which should not be distracted by corns, rubbed skin or tired legs in every moment of the holiday. Therefore, the choice of wedding shoes must be given due attention.

Color and material

White is the traditional color for the bride’s wedding attire, but it also has a lot of shades. The color of the hem of the dress should be in harmony with the shade of the selected shoes. White shoes or ballet flats with a cream-colored dress will look stylish in contrast. Silver or pale blue shoe models look gentle and harmonious with a classic white outfit..

It is a mistake to believe that the color of the shoes must necessarily match the shade of the dress. Young and eccentric brides choose shoes in contrasting shades, which emphasizes the bright details of the dress or is a continuation of the groom's outfit. For example, a tie and a scarf in a man’s breast pocket can be bright in color: purple, turquoise, yellow, green - it depends on the theme of the celebration. Shoes of the woman of the same bright color will originally look. Finish off your dress by dressing the bride’s bouquet with ribbon to match the shoes..

Wedding Shoes Color Tips

As for the material of the shoe, it can be varied. Popular models of ballet shoes, shoes, sandals with fabric texture. Shoes made of satin, jacquard and satin will help to decorate the wedding outfit. Fashion designers offer a wide range of comfortable shoes with lace trim, complemented by beads, sequins, pearls. For autumn or winter weddings, preference should be given to boots or ankle boots made of suede, leather models can look rude in combination with a delicate flying silhouette of the dress.

Shoe size

Shoes should be sized. In order not to be mistaken with this, it is recommended to try on your favorite shoes in the evening, when your legs are slightly swollen, because at the wedding they have to withstand a considerable load, which will lead to an increase in the volume of the foot by the end of the celebration. Be sure to try on both shoes from a pair, each person has their own physiological characteristics: sometimes one leg is slightly larger than the other. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a size in favor of a larger.

Sometimes, brides, to be safe, they buy shoes two or two larger than required. Excessively large shoes will provoke corns and rubbing the skin at the wedding event. It is better to buy the pair that will be only half the size larger than necessary. But no matter how correctly the size is chosen, a new pair can also cause discomfort in the legs and rub. Therefore, a few weeks before the solemn day, wear shoes daily at home, prying a tight toe.

Which model without a heel to choose?

After you finally choose sustainable shoes without a heel, decide in which color and from what material you want to see your wedding shoes. If you like several pairs at once, maybe you should buy two of them. There are never too many wedding shoes! Even a correctly selected model can fail at the wrong time (jewelry to come off, tear, get dirty), a removable pair will help you out and will not let you darken your mood on such an important day. Let us consider in more detail the types and models of shoes without heels for the bride.

Flat shoes: a choice of modern brides

Wedding sandals

Sandals without a heel as the finishing touch to their wedding look are usually chosen by brides conducting a Greek wedding. Simple sandals with high lacing are ideal for a summer wedding. In a pair of such shoes, the legs will be «breathe», do not rot. Sandals are a very stylish and fashionable shoe model, and at the end of the celebration they will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Wedding sandals at low speed are made of genuine leather, this material guarantees the convenience and comfort of your legs throughout the holiday.

Wedding sandals

But sandals are suitable not only for a Greek-style wedding. Photos and trends indicate that this type of wedding shoes is preferred by most fashion designers and fashion designers. A wide range of sandals will help every bride to choose the right option: models with open or closed heels and noses, decor of several or many thin interwoven threads.

Ballet shoes

Wedding white ballet flats are shoes that are not fashionable. More and more girls choose ballet shoes because of their convenience in addition to their wedding dress. For the manufacture of ballet shoes traditionally used fabric materials: satin, lace, soft suede. Ballet shoes will shine beautifully if they are embroidered with beads, rhinestones or pearls. If you have chosen ballet shoes for a wedding, make sure that they will not be in harmony with the overall outfit, have something in common with accessories, complement them.

Wedding ballet shoes

It is recommended to combine a long style dress with simple ballet shoes without a bright finish, the main emphasis in the image will be placed on the bride’s robe. The better and richer the dress is decorated, the easier the shoe design should be, so as not to overload the image with details. Wearing ballet shoes is a small art. In order not to look awkward at the ceremony, be sure to practice the beautiful defile in shoes with flat soles, use thematic video workshops for this.


Shoes as simple and comfortable as espadrilles have recently become a fashion trend in bridal fashion. World-renowned designers showcase their wedding collections, in which espadrilles have become an integral part of the image of the bride. Modern brides choose this type of shoe because of comfort. In the espadrilles your legs for a day will not get tired at all, you can dance until the morning.

Wedding Espadrilles

A wide range of espadrilles are available in wedding colors. Soft milky shades, light beige, champagne and classic snow-white are just a small part of the color scheme, so every bride can easily choose a pair for her outfit. Wedding dress espadrilles will show others the sophisticated, confident and sophisticated taste of the bride.


Boots or half boots are the best option for a winter wedding. Beautiful stylish boots emphasize individuality, give the image a touch of extravagance. Neat shoes or ankle boots made of genuine leather or suede perfectly complement the wedding outfit in the winter season. A steady small heel or its complete absence will help you feel confident and comfortable throughout the wedding day.

Wedding boots

But not only for winter or autumn weddings, girls choose boots. This type of shoe is actively used in the images of brides for summer or spring weddings. In this case, the choice rests on light fishnet boots, decorated with satin ribbons, shiny stones, rhinestones or beads. A cowboy-style wedding is simply unthinkable without a cropped-style dress, complemented by comfortable boots without a heel.

Wedding boots

Photo of stylish flat shoes for a wedding

Flat shoes for a stylish bride