Wedding shoes 2020


The elegant image of the bride forms many important details, one of which is shoes. Women's shoes should not only be in harmony with the outfit, but also be comfortable, because the bride and groom will have to be in them all day. Choosing shoes for an already chosen wedding dress can be very difficult, so let's figure out which shoes of the wedding season 2016 are now at the peak of popularity and how to find the perfect pair for a wedding.

Do not think that the shoes will still hide under the hem of the wedding dress, so you can pay less attention to their choice. Properly selected shoes form the image of the bride, completing the chosen style. The first thing that causes difficulty for the bride and groom is the choice between «beautiful» and «conveniently». After all, it often happens that the couple that the bride is dreaming of has an uncomfortable shoe, even on low heels. Stylists when choosing wedding shoes are advised to adhere to several rules:

Do not sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty, because you will have to not only defend the entire official ceremony in shoes, but also a photo shoot and a wedding banquet.
Choose the sole you are used to; don't start learning to walk on stilettos on your wedding day.
Buy shoes at the end of the day when the leg swells so you can wear it at any time of the day.
Try to distribute a new couple a few days before the wedding, so that you feel comfortable on an important day.
Practicality and multifunctionality are now in fashion, so choose models that you can wear after your wedding. Universal styles are distinguished by the absence of flashy details and a simplified design. It is not necessary to purchase classic white shoes: a color pair with any heel height that is convenient for you is perfect for a white wedding outfit, if you additionally choose accessories to match it. Watch the wedding shoes in the video - the choice of brides of the season 2016:

Rhinestone-studded stilettos 2016

The desire for brilliant things every year among women is growing, this trend and wedding shoes have not bypassed. In the 2016 collection, designers presented many styles with rhinestones on high heels or low heels, which look very organic with a wedding dress, without weighing down the image of the newlywed. Manufacturers decorate models with different types of shiny rhinestones:

Swarovski stones;

Each of the above jewelry gives a pair of shoes with stilettos or thick soles a certain style. For example, metallic rhinestones give the bride a rebellious look, and glass beads - glamorous. The bride and groom should remember that the more sparkle and jewelry on the wedding shoes, the less decor should be on the dress. Bright high-heeled shoes with rhinestones, a sophisticated hairstyle and extravagant nail design in combination with a simple snow-white dress will create an unforgettable stylish look.

Rhinestones on wedding shoes

High-heeled floral decor 2016

At all times, the most fashionable element of women's shoes was floral decor. In the wedding season 2016, shoes with flowers are present in a large assortment. Fashionistas and lovers of an extravagant look have plenty to choose from: fabric flowers of different sizes and shades can be seen in the most unexpected places of open sandals and closed shoes. Such models for the wedding are offered in bright colors or in classic pastel colors. This is an original and stylish addition to the color wedding dresses that fashionable brides love so much..

Floral decor shoes

Lace Wedding Shoes 2016

Traditionally, the image of the bride carries purity and innocence, but what can be more tender and innocent than lace? Therefore, lace trim for many generations make out not only the bride’s dress, but also wedding shoes. Shoes with high heels or solid soles can be trimmed with lace decor around the rim, along the toe or completely - it depends on the choice of the girl. The main thing is that the lace does not touch the ground, because they will quickly disintegrate and become dirty, which will not look aesthetically pleasing.

The trend of 2016 is stilettos and thick soles, fully trimmed with translucent lace. Such models can be supplemented with metal thread, which will shine at every step of the bride and groom, creating a feeling of magic. Some brides like lace shoes with embroidery, flowers, rhinestones, bows, pearls or other decorative elements..

Lace on wedding shoes

High Wedge Shoes 2016

Wedge shoes are a classic that is always relevant. This model will decorate any leg, not only during the wedding, but also every day. A stable platform does not strain the foot at all, so the legs do not get tired for a long period of time. For wedding models, wedge heels decorated with crystals, rivets, lace are relevant. The most universal is the white color, which will be in harmony with the bride’s dress of any color and will help her to feel as comfortable as possible on the day of the celebration.

The sole in models on a platform sole is carried out by a continuous wedge which goes from a heel to the middle of fingers. For this reason, wedges combine two useful features: comfort and high heels. She remarkably increases growth, because the height can reach more than 12 cm. Such models emphasize the bride’s thin ankles, turning her into an aristocrat. Thick soles should be chosen for girls of short stature and those who do not know how or do not want to walk on stilettos.

Wedge shoes for the bride

2016 ivory beige shoes

If the word «ivory» translate from English, it will turn out «Ivory». But the shades of this color have a wide palette, ranging from milky white to rich beige. In 2016, ivory wedding shoes models are very popular and in demand, because they fit any wedding style and the image of the bride. The heel, sole and decor can be any, because ivory is an alternative color option: on the one hand it’s not typical, and on the other it fits perfectly into the traditional color of the wedding.

Designers, adding originality to the shoes, play with the form of models for the wedding: a closed heel, an open toe, a hairpin, a wedge, a low heel or a sole with curved edges that open with a booklet. The last option will be a wonderful choice for a short ivory dress. A great solution for a wedding is ivory shoes made of leather and decorated with a translucent delicate flower that will be one tone lighter.

Ivory Wedding Shoes Models

Wedding ballet flats with lace 2016

If a high hairpin, wedge heels or other sole for a wedding does not suit the bride, then it is better for her to choose light ballet shoes trimmed with lace. Thin soles without heels are chosen if:

the heel cannot be worn, as the groom has a short stature;
the bride is pregnant;
The wedding dress is made in the Greek style;
for health.
Lace white ballet shoes are not subject to fashion, and their lineup is very diverse: embroidered with bows, pearls, rhinestones, colored ribbons or no decor at all. There are also expensive exclusive models trimmed with embossed snake skin. Ballet shoes are appreciated for their versatility, convenience, efficiency and practicality. This is a great solution for a hot day or evening cool..

Ballet shoes for a summer wedding

Photos of wedding shoes 2016 - new

The novelties of the 2016 season are colored wedding shoes, they create an eccentric image of the bride and are perfect for a white or color wedding dress. Designers widely presented red models for the wedding and silver shoes with red soles. A bold choice is black shoes with a white or black wedding dress. For less courageous brides, designers offer products made of transparent black lace or covered with black mesh on a white background. We picked up photos of the best wedding models of this season, which you will surely like.

New season 2016