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Wedding accessories are an important part of the bride’s outfit. White color is a symbol of cleanliness, so white wedding shoes are traditionally chosen for the dress. There are many shades of color: cold with a tint of blue and warm with a slight addition of yellowness. When choosing white shoes for a wedding, it is important not to make a mistake with the shade, choose shoes so that the accessory complements the outfit, gives a twist and completes the wedding image of the newlywed.

What kind of wedding shoes is better for the bride to choose?

Wedding shoes must be comfortable! A wedding is a long holiday and the well-being, mood of the bride depends on the convenience of the shoes. If the shoes are perfect for you, they will not distract attention from the wedding celebration, will not restrict movement, and will allow you to fully enjoy the holiday. How to choose a white bride's shoes?

  • The model of wedding shoes (classic boats, sandals, boots, sandals, ballet shoes) depends on the choice of style and length of the dress, season, venue. You may need several white pairs, for example, boots for a winter walk, boats for the ceremony, ballet shoes for banquet dances. If you yourself find it difficult to choose, then ask the stylist to give you recommendations.
  • The style of the shoe should go along with, complement and emphasize the wedding image of the bride. Take a sample of the dress material with you to choose the model of the desired white tone. If the dress has a complex cut or many details (lace, embroidery, beads, frills), then the style of the shoes should be classic so as not to overload the wedding image. If the dress is simple cut, then choose accessories with many details that will add a twist to the image of the bride.
  • The material for making wedding shoes can be varied. The best option is white, soft, genuine leather. Leather shoes well accept the silhouette of the foot, quickly sits on the foot, does not require long wear. White satin boats in combination with guipure dresses or a lace pair with a silk outfit look spectacular. It’s advisable to distribute wedding shoes made of any material a week before the treasured day, then during the wedding you will not experience any inconvenience.
  • A comfortable shoe is a guarantee that the shoes will perfectly follow the shape of your foot, evenly distributing your body weight on the surface of the foot. Pay attention when trying on the shape of the toe of the model, the differences between the toe and heel area.
  • The height of the heel should be as close as possible to the usual shoes. If in everyday life wear shoes with an average elevation, then choose either the same height, or a few centimeters higher / lower. Otherwise, the legs may not cope with the load during the holiday, swell, joints and back begin to hurt.
  • Workmanship is an important parameter. Focus on the evenness of the seams of the shoes, stability, breathability. If you notice a low quality of shoes, it is better to abandon the selected model. Otherwise, during the holiday you can expect a variety of troubles ranging from corns, ending with broken hairpins. Fashionable wedding models of shoes for the bride, see the video:

High heels

High-heeled shoes are a great choice, giving the image of the bride fragility, lightness, grace, elegance. In such shoes, the legs and figure seem slimmer, the bride's gait becomes more feminine, her proud posture. Stilettos are always in fashion, suitable for many styles of wedding dresses of various lengths. A wide range of heel heights (from 5 cm to 12) provides the opportunity to choose the most comfortable model in which throughout the wedding you will feel like a beautiful, elegant lady.

White high-heeled shoes

Without heel

Shoes on low speed accentuate the white outfit of the bride in the Greek style, and they are also suitable for a long walk of the newlyweds, the dance part of the celebration or for the bride who is in position. If you can’t walk on a stiletto for a long time, then choose boats, sandals or ballet shoes. Pay attention to the length of the dress: the hem of the dress should be 2-3 cm above the floor. Otherwise, during the whole celebration you will advance, trample the edge of the skirt.

Slippers for a wedding on a low run

On the platform

White platform shoes are a great alternative to high heels. Due to the height of the platform, you will appear taller, and a decrease in the difference between the toe and the heel will more evenly distribute the load throughout the entire foot area. Shoes on the platform are suitable for almost any style of wedding dresses, have different widths and external decor. When choosing a model, focus on its sustainability to avoid difficulties, discomfort during the wedding.

Platform shoes for the wedding


Wedding shoes with a wedge heel do not lose stilettos in appearance; they are distinguished by grace, beauty, give the leg harmony and length. The main advantage of wedges is convenience, stability and lightness of construction. Shoes fit well with bridesmaid dresses of any length. A wide selection of models with wedges - a good opportunity to choose an option for any style of the outfit of the bride and groom, look beautiful and elegant.

Honeymoon Wedge Heel

Men's White Shoes Tips

Shoes for the groom should match the color of the shade of the suit or be a few tones darker. Men's white shoes work well with a white or light gray classic suit. Shoes for the groom can be white in combination with contrasting colors, the shades of which should be repeated and resonate with other elements of clothing. A well-chosen shade of accessories adds a highlight to the bright outfit of the newlywed, emphasizing the merits and hiding the flaws of the figure.

White outfit for the groom

Choose shoes for the groom from quality materials with a comfortable pad, focus on air and water permeability, thorough sizing of joints. The optimal length of the trousers is to the middle of the sole of the shoes. Socks should be monophonic and match the color of the newlywed costume. It is imperative to wear socks of the same color along with the white men's one, for light suits soft pastel shades are suitable.

Bright shoes for the wedding