Winter wedding shoes


An important point in preparing for the wedding is the choice of shoes for the bride. If the celebration takes place in the cold season, then for the bride and groom, this issue should be a priority. Winter wedding shoes should be as comfortable and warm as possible. Modern designers every year increase the number of shoe novelties for brides who are not only beautiful, but also suitable for any weather conditions..

Features of choosing winter wedding shoes

When buying winter shoes, you must ensure that it matches the weather. If there are large snowdrifts on the street, it would be logical to purchase boots, platform boots or ugg boots. The best solution is to purchase several pairs to be able to change shoes. For example, at the registration in the registry office closed shoes without a heel will look good, and in nature - warm white boots.

The amount of time spent in the air dictates the type of shoe chosen. If the newlyweds will mainly be indoors, then it is better to buy ankle boots, and if on the street - then a warmer option. Another point to consider is the presence of a heel. Winter wedding shoes with flat soles are comfortable, and if there are wedges, it is warmer. White high-heeled boots will be uncomfortable to wear on snowy streets.

If the winter is not too harsh, then it’s quite possible to get along with elegant ankle boots or closed shoes. Wedding boots, which are a very warm kind of shoes, not suitable only for slush, will look interesting. When the snow has melted a little, a good decision would be to buy high white rubber boots with a fur edge made of fox or arctic fox.

Shoe options for the bride

There are several types of traditional wedding shoes for the cold season: boots, ankle boots, closed shoes. More liberated girls try to be creative in solving the issue of choice and are looking for non-standard solutions. Converse is trendy, unconventional: sneakers on the platform, decorated with guipure, are not only warm, but also comfortable. High-heeled boots decorated with spikes reminiscent of a biker style, both feminine and brutal.


This is the most traditional choice for a winter wedding. Boots made of leather are suitable for both slush and snow; suede boots look original and non-standard, and felt boots embroidered with a color pattern and decorated with lace will win the hearts of guests. Some brides prefer ankle boots, which, in the presence of a small heel, look very feminine, giving the image an elegance.

Warm boots for the bride

Ankle boots

This is a universal option, thanks to which there is a chance to get along with one pair of shoes at a wedding. Ankle boots will be appropriate in the registry office, during a photo shoot and at a banquet in a restaurant. For solemnity, designers decorate them with a furry, rhinestones, ribbon bows, lace inserts. In combination with dense white tights with a pattern, ankle boots lengthen the legs, emphasizing the sophistication of the image, thanks to the presence of a high heel.

Ankle boots for the bride

Ugg boots

Fans of this Australian brand rejoice, because there are uggs for the wedding, made of white or steel suede. Warm, practical and funny, somewhat reminiscent of Russian boots, ugg boots will present a lot of positive. If the dress is magnificent, they will not be noticeable, but some brides focus on uggs, demonstrating at photo shoots. This model will perfectly complement any outfit..

Wedding uggs for the bride and groom

Closed shoes

Closed shoes are simply necessary for the ceremony, they are suitable for indoor photo shoots. The variety of models of this shoe is so great that any bride will find a suitable option to their taste. Inlaid with rhinestones - they will look like fabulous shoes of Cinderella, trimmed with guipure - will fit under a lace dress, and decorated with a scattering of sequins - will add magic. An alternative to shoes will be closed sandals in combination with tight lace socks.

Wedding Closed Wedding Shoes

Photos of the original models of winter wedding shoes

With a large selection of types and models of wedding shoes, boots or winter boots, it is difficult to determine the necessary look. Check out some of the options and choose the right option will help you photos below. A good solution would be to use shoes in the same style, but in different colors, for the bride and groom. White and black ugg boots (or felt boots) will help keep the newlyweds warm during a winter wedding walk.

A variety of women's wedding shoes for winter