Peach style wedding - vivid fantasies and positive


Choosing wedding style, you must clearly decide for yourself which design and decor you like, which shades and colors seem the most attractive and seductive to you, which decor elements will create a wedding mood and how exactly all this should be organized. If you clearly imagine the picture, half the job is done. Now it remains to realize. If your wedding is scheduled for the summer months, why don't you think about a peach wedding?

Peach style wedding decor

Peach style wedding room decoration and accessories

The decor of the banquet hall should occupy one of the important places in your to-do list. You must create the necessary atmosphere, which you and your guests will be able to penetrate, just by going to the banquet hall. How to use peaches in a festive decor?

To begin with, it is worth noting that if you chose a peach-style wedding, you should adhere to this color scheme in all details. Use white and orange tones to create a truly festive decor.

You can use peaches for seating guests. Near each seat put a peach in which you need to stick special cardboard boxes with the name.

Peaches as Seating Cards

This decor looks very gentle and romantic. You can also use cutlery and matching dishes. Peach-colored glasses look original. And do not forget to decorate the table with real peaches.

Peach style wedding

Wedding Photography Ideas

Peach Style Wedding Ideas

Peach Style Wedding Ideas

Make wedding invitations with images of peaches or in peach color. Use bright orange and white fabrics to make small gifts for each guest. You can arrange them either on a separate table, or for each guest near his plate. Thus, you thank them for coming to your celebration, and just make them very pleased.

Peach style wedding invitations

Peach color can be used as in table setting, and in the decor of chair covers. Throughout the banquet hall you can hang bright juicy peach balls with helium. You can find hundreds more ideas about decorating and decorating a banquet table and a hall at

Peach wedding color scheme

Peach style newlyweds

Both the groom and the bride must match the chosen style. We associate peaches with summer, beach and relaxation, so add notes of summer mood to your image. If the bride picked up a white wedding dress, then peach shoes are just right for the final look. You can also use bright hairpins or a bridal bouquet in orange tones. As an accessory, you can take a cute orange umbrella.

As for the groom, his suit should be light so as not to overshadow your bright peach style. Pick a peach-colored tie - and his image will be perfect. The website will tell you in detail a lot more about the many ideas of wedding images of the newlyweds..

Peach style bride

Newlyweds in a peach style.

Bridal bouquet in peach style

Peach treats

Peaches are great as a dessert, so you can safely use them for your wedding cake or cakes. You can simply place containers with peaches on the table, or you can use them in the preparation of various sweets.

Peach style wedding cake

Treats for a peach wedding

Ideas for a peach photo shoot

Each couple wants to get a magnificent and vivid album after the wedding with wedding photos that can be shown to children. To make your photo shoot go with a bang, stock up on several kilograms of peaches and go out into the nature. Spread a shawl or thin blanket on the grass, put a basket of peaches. Create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. Such a photograph will be remembered by you for a long time, it will delight you and your loved ones.

Make your wedding a truly summer holiday, in which only notes of positive and smiles will be present! Make it different from all traditional weddings so that it becomes more than just a wedding for you, but a real creative idea. Smile and radiate a sunny mood!