Orange mood or orange style wedding


Not only at the wedding, but also in life, the mood sets the color. Do you want your wedding to be filled with bright color and carry a rich shade? Then the wedding portal recommends turning your attention to everyone's favorite fruit - an orange! Create a unique orange mood for yourself and your guests!


Wedding invitations play an important role in the process of preparing for the wedding celebration. The orange theme of the wedding must necessarily appear on wedding invitations. So you will give an opportunity to understand your guests about the wedding style and set the necessary orange mood.

Orange invitations

When making invitations, it is necessary to focus on the orange color. So, the invitation can be presented to the guests as a small jar with orange jam, to which the text will be attached directly, indicating the time and place of the celebration. Also, the orange itself can serve as an invitation! Do not forget to attach text to it. Paper invitations made in orange style are a good option.!

Newlywed Clothing

When choosing clothes for both the bride and groom, it is also worth considering the orange wedding style. Of course, at no one offers you to put on an orange dress and an orange suit. Perhaps such a decision would be a bust, rather than an appropriate addition. Therefore, attention should be paid to the elements of decoration of outfits of young.

Orange mood in young outfits

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride can choose any style, the main thing is that it matches the age and figure of the bride. A great option is a traditional white dress. It can be both on the floor and just below the knee. A white dress will go wonderfully with orange wedding shoes. But to create a more complete image, the dress can, and even needs to be, complemented with a wide orange satin ribbon. Of course, you can use orange flowers on your hair or a buttonhole on your hand instead of a ribbon. But, believe me, it is the ribbon that will set the style and elegance of your wedding look. By the way, the bride’s bouquet should also have thematic flowers.

A beautiful bouquet for an orange bride

Groom will be much easier when creating your wedding kit. The groom's wedding suit can also be traditional, in dark colors. An orange tie will be an orange tie or boutonniere. Perhaps, for the wedding image of the groom this will be enough.

Wedding Hall Decoration

If you ignore decoration of the wedding hall, then the orange style of the wedding will be completely lost. Therefore, orange tones, oranges are required when designing a hall for a wedding celebration.

Let the tablecloths and decor of the chairs be in white. The combination of white and orange will be just magnificent and unique, and it will certainly delight you and your guests with its richness and brightness.

Juicy orange theme design

We tie the chairs over white fabric with an orange ribbon, tying a beautiful large bow. Orange napkins should be put on the table, and orange or mandarin on the plate. The orange mood from the fruit change does not change. Also in the center of the table along the entire length you can put orange beads, put orange candles or small vases with orange flowers. Or for example, «pot-bellied» a glass vase can be filled with water, several beads and a mandarin are lowered to the bottom, having previously opened its skin, as if a flower is blossoming, and run along the top of the candle. Even if the beads and candles are white, to contrast the tangerine. Such «water» vases around the table will look just amazing!

The walls of the hall should also be decorated with thematic balls and ribbons, small baskets with citrus fruits should be placed on the floor or ledges of the walls.

Wedding procession

It is unlikely that you will be able to find many orange cars. Do not be upset. The orange wedding theme can be emphasized with orange and white decorations. These are standard balls and ribbons. You can also try to decorate wedding cars fruit.

Themed decoration of the motorcade

An orange-style wedding is a bright and colorful celebration filled with joy and positive. Having chosen such subjects for your celebration, you will not regret!