Tangerine wedding: positive and joy


Sweet and positive tangerines always give a sense of celebration. In the cold season they remind of the New Year celebrations, and in the warm time - of the sun and joy. It is not surprising, because tangerines are considered a symbol of vigor and good luck. And in China there is even a tradition of giving tangerines as a wish for happiness, success and wealth.

Tangerine wedding

Tangerine Wedding Outfits

In the case of summer weddings, the image of the newlyweds can be bright and colorful. For the bride, the combination of a white dress and accessories of an orange color (belt, shoes, etc.) would be an ideal option. The image of the groom can be approached more creatively. For example, you can choose for him a stylish suit or shirt in light orange. A similar image is suitable for brown-haired people and dark-blond young people. On the other hand, the groom can wear a classic suit that will refresh a boutonniere made of orange flowers or a tie of the corresponding shade.

The bride at the tangerine wedding
Outfits for the bride and groom for a tangerine wedding
Wedding details of the bride for a tangerine wedding

Ask guests to work on outfits. Bright summer dresses, orange jackets, tangerine scarves, juicy bracelets, etc., will perfectly fit into the mandarin style of the wedding..

Orange blossom decorations for the bride

To emphasize the mandarin theme of the wedding will help the use of fresh or artificial flowers of orange blossom in the image of the bride. The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com suggests replacing a veil with a wreath of mandarin flowers - the image will turn out to be original, but at the same time delicate and romantic. Or you can simply use mandarin-colored jewelry that will enliven the wedding hairstyle.

Decoration for bride hairstyle

Flowers for tangerine wedding

As the basis of the bride’s bouquet, you can use the tangerines themselves or spherical flowers in orange shades. Dilute them with greens and white flowers: orange blossom, classic roses, peonies, etc..

Bouquet in the style of a tangerine wedding
Bridal bouquet for tangerine wedding
Luxurious bridal bouquet for tangerine wedding
Orange flowers for tangerine wedding

Mandarin Wedding Decor

The purpose of the wedding decor is to create the most positive and bright mood at the holiday. To decorate the celebration, use bright orange details on a white background, and light green colors will help to shade the basic tones. Try to use natural light in your wedding decor (open windows, the play of light and shadow, transparent glasses and utensils, etc.).

On the tables you can put transparent flower vases filled with tangerine slices, which will serve not only as decorative elements, but also as fragrances, the site www.articlewedding.com is sure.

Summer Mandarin Wedding
Tangerine Wedding Decoration
The positive decoration of the tangerine wedding
Mandarin Wedding Decor
Registration of banquet tables for a tangerine wedding
Table decoration for tangerine wedding
Table decoration for tangerine wedding
Vases with tangerines for a wedding

Special areas at the wedding

Emphasize wedding style allow the organization of individual zones. For example, a tangerine lounge, photo zone, candy bar or a bar with special drinks. Take care not only of the decor of the zones, but also of the treats in them. Please your guests with stands with tangerines, macaroons, cakes, iced cookies, cupcakes, jam, gelatins, Turkish delight and other sweets that use tangerines in the recipe. At hot summer weddings, it is a great idea to organize a bar with soft drinks, for example, tangerine fresh, orange sparkling water, milkshakes with citrus syrup, etc..

Mandarin Wedding Lounge
Treats for a sofa zone at a tangerine wedding
Drinks for a sofa zone at a tangerine wedding
Candybar at the tangerine wedding

Special Treats

Think of wedding dishes that will be served at the buffet table and banquet. Pay special attention to desserts, primarily cake, as well as other dishes. Ice cream is suitable for summer weddings, tangerines with cinnamon and chocolate for winter weddings.

Tangerine style wedding
Special treats for tangerine wedding
Tangerine treats for a winter wedding
Mandarin Wedding Cake

Tangerine accessories

Real tangerines can be used to create unique wedding accessories:

You can fix the name cards on the fruit with the help of skewers or regular toothpicks, present guests with fervent tangerines as a thank you, etc..

Bright accessories for tangerine wedding
Banquet cards for tangerine wedding
Landing cards for a tangerine wedding
Dessert for tangerine wedding
Tangerine gifts for guests
Tangerine Bonbonnieres

Tangerine trees

The final touch of a themed wedding will be real tangerine trees in pots. A less expensive option is the manufacture of trees from fabric or artificial tangerine compositions, for example, a tree from polystyrene, tangerines and skewers, which are often made for the new year..

DIY tangerine tree
Tangerine tree for wedding decor
Fabric tangerine for wedding decoration

A tangerine wedding is a sunny celebration with a cheerful decor, original accessories and delicious treats. A wonderful topic for a positive celebration!