Flirt - a means to attract attention?


Flirt, includes many forms and types. Probably how many people have so many forms and types of flirting. But, one way or another, all these types and forms lead to the achievement of one goal - to establish relationships, temporary (erotic play, manipulation) or life-long (marriage). Of course, not without exceptions, when flirting is a person’s life style, regardless of whether he is married or not.

So, we consider the characteristic rules of behavior and, accordingly, the intentions of a person for whom flirting is a lifestyle:

Flirt as a lifestyle.

A coquette for which flirting is a lifestyle will always be with a smile on her face, she will literally "glow", mischievous and always with admiration. Such a coquette always tries to be in the center of attention, its mood and behavior sincerely. The main rule is no complexes during communication. The behavior often matches the mood of the coquette. She can easily establish communication with you, but this does not mean that she wants to continue or develop your relationship. A coquette will always find an opportunity to flirt with someone, whether on the street, in a club, supermarket, movie theater, etc. The motto of the coquette is that in today's world no one owes anything to anyone. This kind of flirting is very similar to a game, the coquette flirts with you, but she does not intend to develop a relationship. As well as you do not owe anything. All that connects you with a yoke is communication.

Flirt as a manipulation.

Flirting in the form of manipulation is a rather dangerous game. Often flirting and the ability to seduce a person are used as a way to "circle around the finger." Moreover, the goals can be set completely different, it can be either the achievement of something, the solution of any situations, difficulties with your help, or simply the pleasure of the fact that you are "introduced" to the provocation. In this case, the coquette will use a variety of methods to achieve its goal or fulfill the task. She skillfully plays the scene of falling in love, and in the end, when you start following her lead, she will simply show composure or indifference.

Such flirting implies a game by the rules of others, where the principle of "carrot and stick" applies. If you do not play by the rules, you will be punished accordingly (for example: flirting with another person). In the case when everything goes on the thumb, you will undoubtedly be gifted with an admiring glance, a promising smile. You get involved in such a relationship, hope that soon you will be able to get this sweet "fruit", and soon disappointed. But it’s a pity to lose even such a relationship with the coquette, and you continue to follow her.

Avoid such a “marshy” relationship will help your composure and indifference to her whims. The reaction will be obvious, without resentment and silence, it will not do. "The salvation of drowning, the work of the drowning themselves", so run away from such relationships as far as possible.

Manipulation - this is the ability to use a flirt to force a person to do what a coquette needs. She will by all means seek your submission. Flirts that use flirting as a manipulation will seek you out, and the moment you are ready to take a step, they will switch to another person. You will become an accomplished goal for them. Your desire to restore justice and try to renew the coquette's attention automatically turns you into a fan.

Only way out - ignore the behavior of the coquette flirting with another man, which eventually sooner or later will force your coquette to pay attention to you and again to get your devotion.