Languages ​​and rules of flirting


Flirting is a means to attract attention. It is expressed in a variety of forms, often each of them is sexual in nature. Man and woman are flirting. A man with the help of flirting emphasizes his strength, masculinity, ability to conduct a conversation, etc. Female flirting is coquetry. Indeed, be that as it may, we "meet by clothes, escort through the mind." In a situation with flirting, first a person is perceived through the eyes (his attractiveness, sexuality), and then by intellect.

Flirting is the process of transmitting information by means of sight, touch, smell of perfume, compliments, etc. Perhaps, for every person, the ability to flirt was laid down by nature, the only difference is how much it is developed. Flirting is just a means and method to achieve a specific goal, whether it is a desire to build a serious relationship, lifestyle, erotic game or manipulation.

To some extent, flirting is a game that has its own unwritten conditions, languages ​​and rules, thanks to which you can determine the intentions of a flirting person.

Consider the characteristic rules of behavior and, accordingly, the intentions of a person during flirting:

The desire to build a serious relationship.

Flirting is an informational signal that you are interested. Flirt is the starting line, foreshadowing romantic meetings, exciting passion, love adventures, and as a result a happy marriage.

In this case, the coquette will not hide its sympathy, to you, it will try to make communication with itself as simple, easy and comfortable as possible. Her goal is not to flirt with you, not to drag you by the nose, her intentions are serious. If you are ready for a relationship, you can, boldly smile at the yoke.

This type of flirting implies serious intentions. Coquette is really interested in communicating with you, and she really wants to know more about you. Therefore, if you are ready for a serious relationship with this person, do not ignore her coquetry and flirting, this can only cool and moderate her ardor.

Erotic game.

Flirt, which does not mean a serious relationship. For a coquette you are nothing more than an object for her experiments, and only in rare cases is an object of her desires. She will freely “shoot” you with her eyes, and your intimate places will become a target. No matter how you try to catch her impudent look on yourself, you have little that will turn out because the coquette skillfully hides it. But, nevertheless, you will constantly feel this look on yourself. Often, a coquette uses meaningful, ambiguous words and phrases when speaking. The task of the coquette is to create an atmosphere of light excitement, which subsequently spreads to you.

Flirting in the form of an erotic game is not a completely safe game. A coquette can create the appearance of something that will openly seduce you. You, unable to stand it, will try to take the first step, but do not be surprised if the coquette “flashes with your heels” right there. As a result, both will remain with a "broken trough", you were deceived, and the coquette will not understand why you allowed yourself to encroach on it.

Do not rush to blame the coquette, there is no malicious intent in its behavior. Flirt for a coquette is a completely natural event. In addition, in her opinion, everyone around her is looking at flirting from the same side as she. Often, a coquette simply does not realize that its behavior has given you a reason. For your part, you can only encourage her coquetry and flirtation. But do not rush to take reciprocal steps so as not to break the "visible" erotic game. A coquette that wants to go beyond the erotic game will definitely notice your rewards.