First date - the road to success and wedding celebration


The first date is a very important event, by the result of which you can immediately find out how one or another person suits you. Some couples, having looked at each other once, realize that this is fate and see themselves already in family status. That is why boys and girls experience a slight excitement before the meeting and for a long time can not decide where to go together, how to behave and what to talk about. The website will dispel all your doubts and give you a couple of irreplaceable tips..

First meeting in the park

where to go?

  • First, you need to consider your interests. Do not go to a place where one of you will be bored. Indeed, on the first date, you should get to know each other better, talk, flirt, and not wait until everything that happens is over.
  • Secondly, choose a place where you can easily chat. Disco is unlikely to be a good option, because the club will have to shout to each other because of loud music. If you opted for a movie or theater, it is best when after the show the couple still walks and talks about what she is interested in.
  • Thirdly, the young man should offer a venue that matches his finances. A man must be completely sure that he will be able to pay for his lady, even though some girls categorically refuse this.

First date is an important event

In general, there are standard places for first dates that will work in almost any situation. These include: a park (especially in warm weather) and a cozy quiet cafe - for romantics, bowling, ice rink - for active young people.

Behavior of men and women on a first date

  • For women. Try not to seem too accessible, but do not act like the Snow Queen. Choose a middle ground, make a pleasant impression of a cute, smiling and communicative girl. If a man is joking, react, but you don’t have to laugh out loud. Be educated and modestly modest.
  • For men. Try to be gallant, say a couple of compliments, give a hand. Tactile contact is possible, but within the scope of the available, otherwise you may get the wrong impression.

Despite these nuances, the portal, above all, advises you to remain yourself. Why at the first meeting, hypocritical and build from yourself that person who you are not? After all, much still depends on the character and upbringing of the girl or guy. Therefore, the easiest way is to be sincere on a date without resorting to pathos and pretense.

First meeting in a cafe

What to talk about?

On an ideal first date, you should not have a thought about what you need to communicate with the interlocutor. If a girl and a guy fit each other, they will quickly find common interests and topics that can be discussed.

Wedding of a young couple

However, remember that you should not talk only about yourself, even if your interlocutor is taciturn. In such a situation, the main task is to find common ground and interest each other in any way. Talk about your hobbies, fun occasions, attitudes, but don’t touch on problems associated with your studies, work, family. Also, if you suddenly suspect that this candidate may soon become your husband or wife, don’t say it out loud, because such things usually frighten and repel.

As you can see, the first date is an event full of nuances and details. Try not to worry and relax on it, to behave naturally and at ease. And then the likelihood that such an acquaintance ends in a wedding will be much higher.