Places to meet: standard or creative?


Starting from adolescence, we are looking for a mate - the perfect man. What should it be like? Beautiful, smart, with a magnificent body, with humor, with good work ... The list goes on and on! But what if you do not come across this on the way to work or to the store? Everything is very simple: maybe you should make a little effort and go to those places where the probability of finding a potential husband or boyfriend is greatest. The wedding portal wants to tell you about the places where you can meet your future husband. We start with the most creative options for girls who are not afraid of experimentation, and then we recall the more classic places for dating (slightly improving them). So, let's begin.

Catch a fish big and small

Naturally, extreme! But on the other hand, a nice girl with a fishing rod in her hands is just the dream of any fisherman. The main thing is that it brings you pleasure, otherwise, an angry girl sitting in the vicinity is unlikely to attract proper attention. No one needs whims! A little patience, and the fish will be on the hook (not just simple, but gold for life).

Acquaintance on fishing

And you do not know where to find the screws?

Yes, yes, you read it right! But where, if not in the hardware store, you can go up to the guy you like, and cutely clapping eyelashes, ask him to help you. The conversation will start by itself!

Oh, the flat tire ...

The wheel struck, something the car is not driving ... Well, who will not help the girl if she has problems in her car. The main thing is that the assistant is worthy. And here and a cup of coffee in the nearest restaurant is not far, because you definitely need to thank him for the assistance!

Getting to know your car

Your dog is so cute

A regular evening walk with your pet can be turned into an even more rewarding pastime. After all, not only you walk your dog, guys also do it. In addition, your pets themselves can decide everything for you, cute running to each other, wagging his tail. Well, how can you not start a conversation here, or maybe even agree to go for walks together.

Cheer for our!

Probably, after reading this phrase, many of you were horrified. But in vain, because like nothing else, many guys love football (hockey), and if you also love it (even a little), go to a football or hockey match. So many guys in one place! And if you show your interest in this sport, believe me, the price you will not be in the eyes of guys. «Beauty, clever, and even loves football - I take! » - that's what any normal guy would think.

Acquaintance among fans

Let's do ... sports!

Not very popular (but in vain!), But such a great option for a place to look for a potential guy. After all, which of the girls does not dream of a guy with a beautiful body - modern Apollo? ! ? Gym, climbing school, ice skating, etc. And you will be busy with something, and no doubt among such a variety of guys around you will find your happiness.

Acquaintance in the gym

100 dating in one day

Perhaps the most unusual of the already familiar options - meeting on the Internet. On the World Wide Web, you can effortlessly chat with several guys and choose the one you really liked. And you don’t have to run a marafet for several hours in order to understand in 10 minutes that he is not the one. A couple of phrases will help you sift through the wrong options and focus on what you need. And then meeting him will not be a problem, the main thing is to captivate him with a set of beautiful photos and your own mind (for potential good husbands this is perhaps the most important thing, unlike lovers «for one night»).

Online dating

Get to know?

The most typical situation is friends of friends, etc. And it’s not necessary to go to banal parties like «drank, ate», there is hardly anyone worthy (although it is possible!), but neglect the invitation «on barbecue», «play the mafia» and so on not worth it.

Would you give me your synopsis?

Like the previous version - an old, but proven. And here we are not talking about studying at the university, you can go to some courses: language learning, designer, etc. The main thing is to give preference to not quite female courses: you will learn the studied subject, only you are unlikely to find a husband.

Acquaintance at study

Have you been working here for a long time?

It is not surprising, because you spend most of your time at work, which is why you can find a husband or a guy there. Moreover, you will have plenty of common interests. How about a standard and win-win: «Could you help me? ».

The site has offered you a couple of creative and classic places to meet. The main thing now is that these acquaintances end with the long-awaited march of Mendelssohn. But here a lot is up to you!