What kind of acquaintances most often lead to a wedding?


Not all acquaintances with the opposite sex lead to a wedding. And this is understandable, because all people are completely different and everyone has different goals. Someone is counting on flirting and a minor affair, while someone is looking for a partner to create a family. If you consider yourself second, then this article is for you.

Employees of the registry office who have been working for more than one day have seen many happy couples. And among them there are those who willingly share their dating stories. You can even distinguish several types of dating, leading to a wedding. Our site www.articlewedding.com will tell you where to meet to create a family..

Meeting in a public place

Acquaintance in a public place is probably the most common type of dating. This includes acquaintance on the street, in a disco, in a bar, in a cafe, at a party, at friends' birthday. And the list goes on and on. Everything seems to be elementary: I saw a man, you liked him, and you get to know him. But everything is so simple. It is often quite difficult to speak with a stranger, but for modest and shy people - this is generally sometimes impossible. Therefore, for such people, it is preferable to meet in a company where there is support from friends..

Meeting in a public place

Love affair at work

Service romances include dating at work, school or university. Acquaintance of young people at the university can give good results, since people who are going to have a romance, as a rule, are equal in status and intellect.

Dating at work is much more complicated. Statistics say that more than half of service romances end in failure. But the thing is, with what intentions people start relationships at work. If some people just want to take a break from work and have fun, then the outcome of such a novel is obvious. If people feel connected and united with each other and want to build a lasting relationship, then such an office romance can have a very good future. However, the following situation can be very painful: one of the partners is set up for a serious relationship, and the other sees only entertainment as his goal. In this case, troubles cannot be avoided until the dismissal of one of the employees.

Getting to know at work


Very popular dating through matchmaking. And in this capacity anyone can act: a professional from the agency, girlfriends, friends, relatives, neighbors. And statistics confirm that pimping novels are a success.

But such dating has its own nuances. As a rule, acquaintance with the help of a third party is preceded by a story about this person. And in this situation, the main thing for a relative or acquaintance is not to praise the candidate by the hand and heart. After all, a meeting of people will take place, and so that young people do not give up on each other the first time, it is always better for matchmakers to plausibly describe a candidate for a relationship.

Online dating

Today we cannot imagine our life without the Internet. And the fact that many found their soul mate on the network, no one is surprised. For business and busy people, online dating is just a godsend. But even here you may be in wait for disappointment. Many people on the Internet are simply configured for entertainment and among a huge number of strangers it is very difficult to find a serious person to create a family. Therefore, our wedding portal www.articlewedding.com recommends you: do not delay meeting in real life. If a person does not want to meet you in real life, then consider whether it is worth wasting your time talking with him.

Online dating

Remember that your destiny can await you anywhere. The method of dating is not important, the main thing is not to miss your chance!