Tired of waiting, or how to make a man make an offer


If you are sure that the man next to you is the same one and you are ready for marriage, but the chosen one is in no hurry with an offer of a hand and heart, then you need to make it clear that the time has come to transfer relations to the next level. Try to hint at his desires. You can aloud admire the wedding scenes in the movies, talk about the happiness of a girlfriend who recently got married or put in a prominent place a wedding photo of her parents. There are many options, but you need to act wisely. If the hints are too persistent, you can scare your partner, and if too «thin» - he just won’t understand them. Make sure that the man is aware of your desire to get married. After all, people have not yet learned to read minds.

Wedding rings on the fingers of the newlyweds.

The direct path is the fastest

A good option can be a conversation with your lover about the future. How does he see him? Will your relationship develop? Perhaps such directness is not to all men’s taste, but you can draw conclusions about the prospects of the novel. But you always need to remember: if your chosen one does not promise anything specific, this does not mean that he does not love you and does not want to marry. Partners simply perceive marriage as taking responsibility, especially financially. They often want to have some material guarantees before making additional commitments. In this case, you just need to relax and enjoy the relationship.

Hint of suggestion

Is it worth it to put an ultimatum

Many women are inclined to think that after 2-3 years of relationship a partner must make an offer. If this does not happen, you are not a couple and time to part. But it is never too late to break off relations, but you will definitely regret the hasty decision. Therefore, the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com advises you to avoid the ultimate forms of expressing your desires, because the absence of a ring on your finger does not make you less beloved.

Girl makes an offer

The smith of her own happiness

If the romance lasts not even the first year, and you are unable to wait until the beloved decides to offer you a hand and heart, you can do it yourself. Of course, this is not as romantic as the traditional version, and it seems not to be accepted ... But if your desire to legitimize your relationship with your loved one is stronger than prejudice, take matters into your own hands. You will definitely stand out among your friends, and the children will have something to tell. Moreover, with modern gender equality, this practice is becoming more widespread.

Man dresses how many

But perhaps the best option is to let fate decide everything for you. An unexpected offer will be the best gift. Love your man, take care of him, protect, cook dinners, surprise. Become one and only for him, and a ring will surely appear on your ring finger. And the treasured words will not take long.

And remember that a wedding is not a goal, but a logical development of harmonious relations.