How to make a man marry you?


Every day, many girls around the world have one question: how to get married soon, how to make a man get married, how to marry a foreigner. If the search process drags on for several years, then it is no longer difficult to get depression. "I will never marry. It is impossible to make a man marry" - such words can sometimes be heard from some girls.

It is worth noting that marriage is not a spontaneous miracle, but a matter of time. You and your partner need to get used to each other, learn habits, and learn to trust. This can sometimes drag on for several years..

Do not despair. Let's take a closer look at how to get a man to marry. We will try to understand how in the minds of men a desire to marry you, to start a family with you, can arise. So, let's look at several ways to push the thoughts of a loved one in the right direction.

Method 1. Surround the "sissy"

This method, as the name implies, is suitable if your loved one belongs to the category of so-called "sissy". So, how to make a man get married if he is a "sissy"? In this case, first of all you should get acquainted with the parents of your chosen one and be sure to like his mother.

Get ready for the bride. Be sure to find out from a loved one what his mother loves and what her values ​​and hobbies deserve special attention. After that, evaluate your wardrobe and choose exactly the clothes that the future mother-in-law will most like.

You should not behave defiantly in a conversation with parents. Better try to convey to them exactly the information about yourself that can put you in the best light. For example, if the mother of your beloved belongs to the so-called "home-building type", then be sure to emphasize that you are from a decent family, well-educated, able to cook, make needlework and, of course, adore her son. In your conversation with your mother, emphasize that you dream of having children ("just imagine what wonderful children your son can have, because he is incomparable!").

If your landing was successful, then expect long stories from your mother about her beautiful child. Be sure to agree and assent - this will enhance the positive effect of your meeting.

After meeting with your parents (about two days later), ask the dear, his opinion on how your meeting went. If he is embarrassed and looks down, rejoice, everything is going as it should. And the son’s further processing regarding the upcoming marriage will be carried out by the very head of the family of your future husband. Say yes at the right time and get ready for the upcoming wedding.

Method 2. Date at the registry office

The method is good if your chosen one belongs to the frivolous type of young people and at the same time is very passionate.

How to make a man get married if he is gambling and a little frivolous? This way is for you! We need to prepare well for it. Ideally, everything will be fine if you have a good friend in the registry office who can help organize the bureaucratic side of the matter (especially when you consider that you have to do everything without the participation of the groom). After settling things in the registry office, invite the sweetheart to the party. Please indicate that a dress code is required and you need to bring your passport with you.

Then the case develops according to the scenario: "Look, registry office! Come on in, sign it?"

If you do not have friends in the registry office, then it doesn’t matter: you can approach the issue of marriage on the other hand. The meeting place is the same. Words: "I want to ask you to keep everything going on a secret. Let's file a marriage application? And then, when we sign up, we will arrange a wonderful party and announce everything to friends! Here all of us will be surprised!".

Of course, it is important here that you should walk around the registry office during his work hours, for this you need to clarify the schedule. And also the fact that your loved one should have a significant degree of adventurism. And in the next month and a half before the wedding, try not to discourage the groom from signing you and do not bother him with questions and reproaches, otherwise the plot of Gogol’s “Marriage” may repeat.

Method 3. Marry a careerist

The method is good if your man already occupies a significant position in the company. In order to decide how to make a man marry you, you must act clearly and thoughtfully.

Explain to the beloved all the advantages of the fact that you will become his wife. Emphasize that you do all this for his own good. After all, his status in the company will certainly increase, since the founders will treat married employees with great respect and trust, because the engagement ring on the man’s hand indicates his reliability and stability. And after the marriage procedure, he can expect a significant promotion.

Think over and articulate a beautiful model of the business plan of your wedding. Try to emphasize that you will manage without unnecessary expenses (for example, without a limousine, a banquet and a magnificent wedding dress). Specify in advance where, when, and at what time you can apply for a marriage, how long queuing can take. You will have to answer these questions first. After all, your beloved very busy person.

Method 4. Honey, there will be three of us soon!

The method is very old and extremely dangerous. Making a playboy marry in this way means putting an imprint of tragedy and “obligation” on your cohabitation, which in turn will cause a lot of negative attitude towards you personally. And if it turns out that your pregnancy is just a fiction, then get ready for the fact that your loved one can behave in the most unpredictable way.

If the answer to your question about how to make a man marry you soon, you try to imagine your pregnancy, but the experience of many marriages concluded in this scenario, one thing can be noted: this method does not bring happiness to a young family, and divorces in such families are more commonly accepted practice than an exception to the rule.

However, if your partner lived in another marriage for a long time, where the spouse could not have children, then this method can be a successful tactical move.

Method 5. Everything is like people!

A great way to make a man get married if all your friends and girlfriends have already signed for a long time in your close circle. Have a conversation with your beloved, the keywords of which will be "we are no worse than others", "only you and I are unmarried", "come on and we will have everything like people".

Pay attention to the fact that your beloved does not have the experience of attending weddings, otherwise, as a rule, such an experience can permanently discourage the young man from wanting to marry and repeat “this hard labor” already from his own experience.

Method 6. Catch up to the end of the world

This way, how to make a man marry, can happen if your chosen one is romantic and addicted.

If your beloved is following the latest news, then in a conversation with him you can (as if by chance) emphasize that the Big Andron Collider is launched next spring. And it is very important to have time to sign before this event, which can shake the foundations of life on our planet. If your idea succeeds, then try to prevent your future spouse from getting acquainted with an interview with Professor Nikolai Dremin, in which he talks about the complete safety of launching this giant device.

By the way, the press often slips news about the end of the world. Choose your taste and go!

Method 7. I love you!

Marrying for love is so romantic! This way, how to make a man get married, is the most honest. Do not get tired of telling your loved one about your love. Emphasize in a conversation that you dream of living with him all your life, confirm this with your actions. Make him think that you will be the perfect wife for him.

After that, you can talk about official marriage, which will only hold your union of loving hearts together. Ideally, you would hear from a marriage partner about a marriage proposal. By the way, the classic of the genre also requires the same. How to make a man marry? Love him, respect him, appreciate him, and you will be rewarded with wonderful years of life together.!