Several ways to get a man to marry

In the world, there is an opinion among men that promising does not mean getting married. This kind of "excuse" allows men to wash their hands and get out of the water dry, while poor women remove noodles from their ears.

Of course, if you love each other, you have been dating for a long time, and you are pretty fed up with the "flower-and-flower" period, and your lover still can’t decide, you can try to take the first step yourself. But for this you need to know how to make a man marry.

The first and perhaps the surest way is to get to know his parents and enter their trust. Activists on the other hand will not interfere, especially if it will be a mother. Just imagine what will happen when his beloved mom begins to drip on her son’s brains, so that, in the end, he settles down and has a family, and then the grandchildren are just around the corner.

It is not enough what a son who loves his mother will not succumb to provocation. That's just you have to work hard, because the future mother-in-law will not be so easy to enjoy.

Get ready for hours to listen to his mom’s culinary searches, and the constant praises of your potential groom.

The second way is not to date a married man. Few such lovelace will go for a divorce, for the sake of a short affair. Many women who fall into their networks have to listen for hours to how tired their wife and eternally yelling children.

Such men are ready to embark on another love affair, but only a few of them really decide on such a serious step - divorce.

If a man has just recently divorced, there is still something to work on, so to speak, "take control".

The third, and no less true, than the first way is to get pregnant.

And many come across this. Although many people know that you need to use contraceptives, and do not believe the woman’s first statement that she is pregnant.

Of course, you can hang noodles for a man, and just pretend that he is pregnant. After his reaction and behavior have been carefully studied, you can really get pregnant. And then, of course, happy ending, with replenishment.

The fourth way is to become for him the one and only indispensable. You can play it, one day just leave for a day, this will be enough for him to understand that without you he is without hands. For example, in the morning he wakes up, you are not. He can’t find slippers, he doesn’t know how to cook breakfast in his kitchen, dressing, he will find that the trousers are wrinkled.

At one point, he will understand that there is no life without you. Soon you appear, and take him so to speak "hot".

The fifth way is to drink and shake the promise to get married. The method, of course, is effective, but until the first sobering up. In the morning he is unlikely to remember anything. And in the evening, in a state of intoxication, he will tell you anything.

Of course, you can still come up with a lot of ways how to make a man get married. The main thing to remember is that we are women, more cunning, smarter, and how can we do without our charm.

A man is able to conquer the whole world, but only a woman can conquer any man. So that the whole world is in our hands. Go for it!