Office romance, myth or reality ?!

Work, and your workplace is one of the easiest and most common places to meet and search for the groom. But be that as it may, there is an opinion that men do not seek to have novels in the workplace for long-term relationships, and even more so for marriage. What is the reason for their opinion and behavior?

First, a man is influenced by many factors: they are afraid to get a “turnaround” on their proposal. In addition to fear of rejection, they are afraid that all office staff will find out about it later. Women, however, like men often share their “exploits” with their fellow colleagues. Sooner or later, rumors do spread, other men, hearing this, are afraid to approach such a woman, which automatically reduces her chances of finding a groom within work.

Secondly, according to the majority of men, the women with whom they work are really inaccessible to them for many reasons. The work environment itself restricts their freedom to invite an employee somewhere, especially if the office and staff are small. The same situation is typical for a large office with delimited departments. A man running from department to department, sooner or later they will notice, questions naturally arise. Fear of rejection and fear of gossip confuses men.

Thirdly, for a potential groom you are unattainable for several reasons. Perhaps the man is afraid to communicate openly with you, he will want to call you, but will not find your contact numbers in the office telephone directory. If you occupy a leadership position, this limits access to you, and many still fail to get through your experienced secretary.

Be that as it may, the man whom you are interested in, will nevertheless try to use various methods to reach you. Although they are timid creatures, and it is easy to scare them away, but if a man wants something, then he will achieve it. He will try to schedule a business meeting for you, will call to clarify some working moments, but all these actions will be aimed at seeing you or at least hearing you.

By current, modern standards and conditions of companies, work is not a place where relations can develop, and even more so, office romance and marriage. The management of the companies is interested in smooth operation, and not in the fact that this or that employee during the working hours “sat” on the phone, built eyes for the employee from the neighboring department, all this entails a distraction from the performance of official duties. Although in many European countries, family is a guarantee of constancy, confidence that a person is interested in long-term work.

Office romance, a fairly common occurrence at work. Nowadays, people are forced to spend a lot of time at work, especially if you work in a large corporation, and often have to linger. There is simply not enough time for personal life, therefore, finding no other way out, people begin to build relationships in the workplace.

What should a woman do in this situation?

Considering the fact that a man is affected by so many factors that impede communication and rapprochement with the employee's liking, a woman needs to take the initiative in her own hands. Firstly, because it is she who is looking for the groom, and secondly, because many men are flattered that it is the woman who takes the first step.

Therefore, women should not be afraid, be decisive, take your fate into your own hands and go in search of a groom.