Ideal husband: to seek or educate?


Let's take a sober approach to solving the problem: "I am looking for the perfect husband!" In the understanding of a woman, this is not only a reliable defender and earner, but also a gentle, attentive husband and father. But do we not demand the impossible from men? After all, it’s written for them to be conquerors, which does not exclude aggression, force, determination. The gods gave us women the subtle art of diplomacy, on which, in fact, the relationship in marriage is built. Therefore, it depends on us, the wives, whether we will put up with an ordinary husband, we will persistently search for a ready ideal, or will we raise an ideal husband, only subtly, neatly and invisibly for male pride.

From words to deeds

The first thing a modern woman must certainly learn is the manifestation of tenderness. Do not be surprised! It is on how we give that depends on how and how much we receive manifestations of love. Take the first step! Set up little rituals - tremulous kisses before work, a tactful question about how the day went, or playful sms will cheer up your chosen one. It will take, of course, time for the spouse to get used to and appreciate your care, and to act as an ideal husband. But over time, believe me, he himself will support this game. And sometimes you need to be silent. Beloved men appreciate the inner understanding and empathy and, believe me, will answer you with gratitude and reciprocity. And do not forget about the praise - only in moderation and sincerely (men feel false!). Such a move will insure against mistakes: the spouse will definitely not go for a portion of affection for another, because he has become an ideal husband! And unspent tenderness does not have to defiantly bring down on the child.

One more step to the ideal

The second task is to raise a quivering and gentle father. Demanding feelings for the baby is at least stupid. Everything has its time. And let's not forget: every person generally expresses feelings in his own way. And would you like the pretense and insincerity? Not at all. The ideal husband is a man of work. Words are words, but, you must admit, a man is colored by actions. So do not demand unnecessary sentimentality from your spouse.

And a few more wise tips:

  • The ideal husband must match the ideal wife. Watch your appearance!
  • Let your loved one feel its significance! A sweet trick: “Darling, I won’t cope without you!” Is much better than modalities: it must and must.
  • The key to maintaining good relationships is to find them less often. Start the conversation with the words: “Dear, dear ...!” And remain friendly - so you will achieve more than reproaches and aggression.
  • Learn to consult with your loved one. Forget about the position of a strong, responsible, give this role to your ideal husband - because it belongs to him rightfully.
  • Remember that for men (and ideal husbands are no exception), sex issues are especially painful. One has only to hint, even in the heat of anger, that the spouse is sexually uninteresting, as a non-healing wound is guaranteed. And this is serious: the husband may even decide on treason.
  • How to deal with the stubbornness of an ideal husband? Simple, girls, simple. Help here design:
    "you are absolutely right, but maybe we will do it a little differently," "I remember: you said this and that, I think so too." And do not scold and do everything evil!


  • Emphasizing the individuality of an ideal husband is the key to a friendly ideal family. And the work and hobbies of a man are worthy of respect and attention, remember this.