The art of seduction

"A man is able to conquer the whole world, and a woman is able to conquer every man." Undoubtedly, in every girl nature has the ability to flirt. Many have flirting - a lifestyle, and the art of seduction is an integral part of them..

A man, like a woman, is capable of flirting. So ... You have an object of seduction. No doubt you had a desire to seduce her. It is possible that the girl is ready to answer you in return. But you should not rely on a fleeting sensation, because a beautiful seductive smile, evaluating the look, wandering around you, still does not mean anything.

You, as a man who intends to develop a relationship, win the girl’s heart, or at least seduce, should let her know that you like her, that you want her. In this case, do not torture yourself with conjectures, and as they say, take control of the situation. But, do not get excited, remember that your actions should be unambiguous, otherwise you can break firewood and stay with nothing, more precisely with no one.

Like any art, the art of flirting and temptation has its own theoretical and practical course. Let's start with the theory. We hope these few rules of seduction will help you win the girl’s heart..

The first rule. You can win the attention and trust of a girl by looking into her eyes. Your eyes, running and looking around, speak about your uncertainty. So, while flirting, try to concentrate on her eyes.

The second rule. The girl is not a vest for "snot". Whatever problems and troubles you have in your life right now, leave your tales of hard life to your best friend, he will listen to you with pleasure. You should not open your soul to a person with whom you do not intend to have a serious relationship. Try to sincerely smile, make it clear that it’s easy to find a common language with you. Otherwise, you may feel that you are a loser.

The third rule. Do not forget that "a woman loves with ears." When flirting, do not skimp on compliments, the more compliments the better, they are never superfluous.

Rule Four Do not encroach on the freedom of the girl. Your relationship should not be anything to oblige. The fact that she is attractive to you and you intend to conquer her does not mean that she should reciprocate you. Try in your manner of communication to show that she is far from indifferent to you, and you will be very happy if she gives you her radiant smile. But do not impose.

The fifth rule. When flirting, do not ask provocative questions that can completely cross out all your courtship. Try to have a conversation so that you receive only those answers that you are ready to hear.

Rule Six Do not be afraid to tell the girl about yourself, not about how good you are, but about what you like, your occupation, plans. An easy, unobtrusive conversation will allow the girl to tell you a lot of useful and interesting information about herself.

Rule Seven During her appeal to you on “you”, ask her to switch to “you”, this will relieve tension, facilitate communication.

The eighth rule. When contact is made. Try unobtrusively, exchange numbers, and email addresses. The main task is to get the girl interested in you, so that she has a desire, meets with you again, or just chat on the phone. Get her some foolish promise. Having promised to make some trifle, the girl will fulfill it.

The art of flirting and seducing is a complex science that requires practice. The eight rules of the theoretical course will help you make contact, so to say, “roll up”. You still have to overcome many difficulties in order to seduce the desired girl and achieve your goal.