Wedding in purple: a sea of ​​fantasy!


A wedding decorated in bright color always leaves a mark in your memory, as it differs by its dissimilarity and originality. If you have not decided on wedding colors, why not add purple shades to your wedding look?

The meaning of purple

The violet tone is formed from a mixture of two colors - red and blue, so initially it is very controversial, because it combines cold and hot shades. Thus, this color brings harmony, suitable for people who purposefully go through life. Violet is the color of peace, tranquility. Also, this color is considered the color of inspiration. You can also read about what inspiration different colors give on the website

Wedding decoration in purple

Purple color harmoniously looks against a white background, so you can safely combine white and purple fabrics in the design of wedding tables. Chairs decorated with purple bows also look beautiful. AT hall design You can use all your imagination. In white decor, you can safely add blotches of purple in the form of bright balls, napkins, stylish plates, flower vases. The more purple you include in the design of your banquet hall, the brighter and more interesting the final image will be. Even the smallest little things should be colored in purple: cards for seating your guests, as well as flowers that you can add to the serving. If your wedding is held outdoors, feel free to choose a purple fabric that will become your path to the altar.

Tablecloths in purple
Table decoration in purple
Beautiful purple bouquet at the wedding table
Purple path to the altar
Original serving in purple

Wedding dresses for a wedding in purple

A purple wedding dress is fantastic! This color gives the image of luxury and elegance. If you want to soften purple, combine it with white. A purple look should be present in all wedding accessories bride. Match the handbag to the tone, as well as beautiful elegant shoes of bright color. Violet can even be a veil, the main thing is to ensure that the color does not hide you in the background. That is, all the looks on this day should be focused on you, and not on your dress. If you like purple, but you yourself prefer to stay in white, you can dress all the bridesmaids in dresses of your choice of color.

The groom's suit can also be made in purple. If your groom chose a classic black color, simply add a purple tie or bow-tie to his image..

Bridesmaids dresses
Purple shoes for the bride
Groom suit in purple
Outfits of the bride and groom in purple
The image of the bride in purple

Bride and Groom Style

If you chose the purple color of the wedding, then you should adhere to one color line. Have you ever thought about purple makeup? Eyeshadow with a purple tint will give you a mystery and make the image fantasy. Highlight your eyes with bright dark mascara to make your look even more expressive. Wedding hairstyle can be decorated with bright colors or a delicate exquisite hair band. Many stylish ideas and tips for creating a chic wedding hairstyle can be found at

Purple shadow for the bride
Purple bridal makeup

Flowers for the wedding in purple

Flowers add tenderness and romanticism to the wedding, and the violet color, so unusual for flowers, will only add depth to your design. There are many different types of flowers that will help you decorate your banquet hall. However, in addition to decorating the hall, flowers are also an important accessory for the bride. It is difficult to imagine a bride without a wedding bouquet. For this occasion, florists offer stunning ideas for wedding bouquets in purple colors to help complement the look. Purple flowers can be combined with white, pink and beige.

Types of flowers for decor
Purple wedding flowers
Purple bouquet for the bride

Wedding Accessories for Weddings in Purple

You can safely add purple shades to a variety of wedding accessories. It can be wedding invitations, which will give your guests «purple» mood. You can also decorate the cake in a purple hue by decorating it with ribbons or edible flowers..

Wedding Invitations in Purple
Purple Wedding Invitations
Purple wedding cake

Wedding Ideas in Purple

The site recommends using all the richness of purple to create a truly fabulous wedding. This color can be used to translate into reality any children's tales. And your fiance will become a wonderful prince.

The combination of purple with other colors

Violet color blends perfectly with pink, white, and blue. The main thing is to distribute colors harmoniously. An interesting combination would be purple and yellow. Purple in combination with white looks the least tender, especially for wedding bouquets.

The combination of purple and yellow
Purple and White Wedding Bouquet

Create a stunning wedding look in bright colors so that everyone remembers it for a long time. However, the most important thing is that you like it, so that the wedding style created by you or for you brings you complete pleasure!