Wedding in black and white: classic sophistication


A wedding decorated with taste always leaves warm memories, because it looks very rich and luxurious. Sometimes even classic tones can add a twist to a wedding. Why don’t you make the wedding in black and white style, keeping it in the traditional version, adding a touch of sophistication?

Black and white value

White color gives a feeling of purity and tenderness, is associated with innocence and serenity. Black, on the contrary, suggests notes of gloom and mystery. However, the combination of these colors is harmony, poise and peace. They complement each other well. The combination of black and white is suitable for people who are confident, for people who are not afraid of obstacles in their path. This combination adds rigor and formality to the image, but at the same time, it looks very elegant..

Wedding decoration in black and white

If you decide to choose such colors as black and white for the wedding, then you will not have to make much effort to create a harmonious image, because these colors complement themselves. The white tablecloth, decorated with black embroidery, looks very elegant. The combination of black and white in dishes and table decor looks strictly and stylishly. It can be white candlesticks with black candles or white napkins in black coasters. You can also use a combination of these classic colors to decorate the hall itself. Hang black and white balls everywhere or decorate the table with delicate flower vases matching flowers.

Table decor in black and white.
Table decoration with flowers in black and white

Wedding dresses for a wedding in black and white

Since white is traditionally used as the color of weddings and bridal gowns, more attention should be paid to elements in black. Black can be used for extra wedding accessory: it can be a satin belt, a flower or embroidery on a dress.

Also add extra details to the dress, such as gloves or a veil. Black accessories complement your look by adding a little charm to it. In order for the image to look complete, you need to choose the right shoes. It is best to choose light shoes, you can also pick up something in black and white. The main thing is that the shoes are comfortable and do not rub, because you have to move a lot. If you picked up a short summer wedding dress, then you can choose creative sandals with high heels in black and white as shoes. Thus, you can emphasize the beauty of your legs. You can find even more tips to help you choose your wedding outfit on our website

The image of the groom should also be approached from the point of view of exquisite style, because your future husband should look like a needle. Pick a beautiful black suit to which you can add a classic white shirt. In this case, it is worth paying attention not to color, but to the quality of the materials and the cut. Since black and white in themselves are not catchy colors, it is precisely the details of the image that will help you stand out.

Black and White Wedding Dress
Dress of the bride in black and white
Accessories for the bride in black and white
Black and White Wedding Shoes
Black and White Wedding Sandals
Black and white wedding suit
Wedding suit in black and white

Bride and Groom Style

In order to look stylish, it is not enough to choose beautiful outfits for the wedding. The bride also needs to think through her hairstyle, makeup and manicure. Make up choose classic: it can be black arrows and black mascara. Special emphasis can be placed directly on the eyes to emphasize their brightness.. Wedding manicure best done in delicate shades of white. As for hairstyles, here it is worth mentioning about hair accessories. Pick bright hairpins or headbands in black and white.

The groom's style is determined by his grooming, so take care of clean hair and nails. You will receive many original tips for creating makeup and hairstyles on the portal

Makeup and hairstyle bride

Flowers for a wedding in black and white

Flowers add tenderness to any look. It is best not to use black flowers, which in principle are difficult to find in the store. As a rule, bridal bouquets in black and white style are created using artificial flowers. If you are strongly opposed to artificial flowers, pick out a bouquet of white flowers such as roses or chrysanthemums. The website recommends choosing fresh flowers for your wedding bouquet.!

Black and white bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet in black and white
Wedding black and white bouquet

Wedding accessories for a wedding in black and white

In order for your black and white style to be clearly drawn, you need to pay special attention to details. Decorate the wedding glasses of the bride and groom with beautiful satin ribbons. White can symbolize the bride, in black - the groom. For guests, you can also arrange glasses. This can also be done with ribbons, which are attached to the glass with glue. Also in black and white currents, you can perform invitations, cards for seating guests, wish books and other accessories. Do not forget about the cake. Culinary experts will help you create a real sweet masterpiece in black and white!

Wedding glasses of the bride and groom
Wedding glasses of guests
Invitation cards in black and white.
Wishes book in black and white
Black and White Wedding Cake
Cake for a wedding in black and white

Wedding Ideas in Black and White

Since your wedding is held in black and white style, you can recall the old black and white films and arrange a wedding in the style of black and white cinema. Your accessories will be old videotapes, a TV, as well as vintage accessories in a vintage style.

The combination of black and white with other colors

Besides the fact that black goes well with white, it also looks good with red. Red, black and white make up the top three classic shades, so decorate any wedding!

A combination of black, white and red in a wedding decor

A wedding in black and white will look very stylish and elegant. Strictness and sophistication will make your wedding a true standard of style!