White and red wedding: passion and innocence!


Choosing wedding color, think about the color from which you have positive emotions, which tones give you a good mood and set you up for positive. If you have not yet decided on the color, why not take a closer look at the white-red shades full of passion combined with tenderness and purity?

White and red tablecloth

White-red value

Everyone knows that red color symbolizes love and passion, so it is the best suited for your wedding celebration. White color, on the contrary, symbolizes purity and innocence, tenderness and humility. Mixing these two colors will become a real extravaganza for your holiday, as it will bring notes of passion in it, combined with harmony and sophistication. This combination of colors is suitable for a bright creative couple who loves adventure and strives for a busy life.

Wedding decoration in white and red

The decoration of the banquet table should begin with the selection of a tablecloth. It can be a white tablecloth decorated with red flowers or a combination of two colors. You can also use a white and red combination to decorate chairs. Put white covers on the chairs and decorate them with bright red bows.

You can also use decoration with balls, filled with helium. Creative shapes in the form of hearts or flowers are often made out of balls. Red napkins in white coasters look cute and charming. You can also alternate red and white dishes to add mystery to the wedding. Also, the table can be decorated with flowers. It can be a combination of white and red roses, which looks very gentle and romantic. White color harmonizes well with red, so any combination will look original and logical.

Red and white table decor
Red and white table decor
Red and white table decor
White and red table decor

Wedding dresses for the wedding in white and red

The bride's dress is always a beautiful and delicate outfit. However, in order to choose the appropriate option, you must make every effort. For a wedding in white and red, you need to choose the appropriate option. The dress is best chosen in classic white color to look insanely elegant. However, a few red ones need to be added to the white image. wedding accessories. It can be a delicate dress with bare shoulders with an original corset embroidered with white and red beads. This style is suitable for slender girls who are proud of their figure. The voluminous top of the dress will visually increase the chest and become the accent of the entire image of the bride.

You can also use red in the dress skirt. It can be delicate red roses randomly arranged on white fabric. It is necessary to choose shoes or sandals to match the wedding dress. It can be classic stilettos in red shade or designer shiny shoes.

The image of the groom should also be done in white and red. Ideally, choose a white elegant suit, to which you can add a bright accent in the form of a tie. However, colors like red and white go well with a black suit. You will read many more ideas for creating an amazing image of the newlyweds on the website www.articlewedding.com.

The image of the bride
The image of the bride
Wedding dress in white and red style
Image of the groom
The image of the newlyweds

Style bride and groom in white and red

To make the image of the newlyweds look finished, add it with small details. For the bride, this primarily concerns hairstyles, makeup and wedding manicure. You can add red flowers or hairpins to your hairstyle. As for makeup, it is best to focus on the lips. Choose a bright red lipstick or shine that will give the image of the bride piquancy. The groom's style does not require significant additions. Just gently style your hair and radiate a smile. The website www.articlewedding.com will tell you a lot more unusual about creating the style of the bride and groom.

The bride in red and white style
The image of the bride
Red boots for the bride
Beautiful red lipstick for a wedding look

Wedding flowers in white and red

Flowers are one of the main accessories, so choose them wisely and tastefully. The combination of white and red colors looks very romantic. It can be roses or any other flowers. Bridal bouquet made in these colors looks very stylish and fashionable. On www.articlewedding.com you will find many more attractive ideas..

Red and white bouquet
The bride's bouquet
Red and white bouquet

Wedding accessories for weddings in white and red

As accessories, you can use small wedding bouquets made of satin ribbons. Also, the white-red style should be felt in the decor of the glasses, which can be decorated with satin ribbons. You can glue small white flowers on the glasses themselves. The style should be pierced with all the details: pillows for rings, wedding baskets for petals, cards for seating guests, candles, invitations and other accessories.

Also do not forget about the wedding cake, which can be decorated with sweet roses in red and white colors..

Wedding invitation
White and red wedding invitation
White and Red Wedding Accessories
Cushion for rings
Bonbonnieres in white and red colors
Red umbrella for a photo shoot
White and Red Wedding Cake
A wedding cake

The combination of white and red with other colors

White and red go well with black, forming a triple of classic shades. Can be added to the white-red tandem of blue or cyan.

A color scheme
A color scheme
A color scheme

Your wedding will be a real celebration if you perform it in white and red style. Delicate white and passionate red will create a wonderful harmony in your hearts.!