Wedding in mint color: fresh mood!


You have probably come across ideas such as decorating a wedding in pink, blue or purple. Have you heard anything about mint color? This color can create an amazing mood, adding a little avant-garde and chic to the traditional!

Mint color value

Mint color is a light shade of blue and green, from which it blows freshness and coolness. This color is simply created for harmonious and balanced people, gives a feeling of spirituality and peace. Mint color refreshes the interior, looks beautiful on both light and dark skin. This color has a special aromatic note and colors objects in coolness and freshness, the site is sure.

Mint color wedding decoration

Before you begin wedding decoration in mint color, think over the shade you need, because mint, like any other color, has different shades from light to dark. If you want to radically change the wedding tradition, feel free to add more mint color.

However, if you like white, mix and mix these two stunning colors. Mint-colored bows look charming on white chair covers. Mint looks especially logical against the backdrop of wildlife, if your wedding is held in the fresh air. Use this gorgeous color to decorate all the details of your decor. You can choose mint plates or just napkins. Arrange bouquets of flowers on the wedding banquet table in bright mint vases to make the table look fresh and original. The mint hue may even have a tablecloth. Also, your room can be decorated with charming mint balls or flowers. The main thing is that the color is in harmony with white, so that everything around seems to be very correctly designed. To do this, use two colors equally so that they complement each other.

Decoration of wedding tables in mint color

Mint color banquet table wedding decoration

Wedding dresses for mint wedding

Surprisingly, the mint color is very popular and is the color of the summer season. Mint dresses look very seductive and mysterious. For the bride, you can pick up a delicate mint dress in a traditional style, narrowed to the bottom. This option looks very elegant and is especially suitable for slim girls. This color is very refreshing. image of the bride, It looks very juicy and unusual. For the bride, you can also pick up a fluffy dress on the floor, with beautiful lace or assembly.

Remember that the dress should be combined with other details of the image. Match shoes, handbag, and other accessories to match the tone. If your wedding is held in the summer, you can pick up beautiful mint color sandals that accentuate the beauty of your ankles. Remember that open shoes require a pedicure. Do not forget about dresses of bridesmaids. Even if you have chosen a white dress, dress the girls in bright mint dresses!

The outfit for the groom should fit the wedding along with the bride, it is best that the suit is light, so that the image contains elements of mint colors, for example, a tie. You can read about the original dresses of the newlyweds on the website

Beautiful mint dress for the bride

Classic Mint Wedding Dress

Long dresses for the bride in mint color

Mint dress and accessories for the bride

Mint sandals combined with a mint dress

Beautiful mint color sandals

Mint Bridesmaids Wedding Dresses

Delicate Mint Bridesmaids Dresses

Outfits of the bride and groom for a mint wedding

Mint ties for the groom

Bride and Groom Style

In order for the bride’s style to look complete, you need to choose a hairstyle, accessories for her, as well as make up and manicure. In makeup, you should not choose too catchy shades, it is better to choose something light and neutral. However, if you want to emphasize the look, you can combine tones such as mint, pink and black. Emphasis on lips should not be done. You can also use vibrant jewelry such as peppermint earrings. They will look especially beautiful if you have an open hairstyle.

Gentle mint makeup

Bright wedding makeup with mint tones

Mint earrings for a wedding look

Flowers for the wedding in mint color

You can also pick up a bouquet of the bride in mint color, but you are unlikely to find such flowers in nature. You can pick up white flowers that you will be treated with a special coating of the color that you like. Alternatively, use mint ribbons to decorate your bridal bouquet. You can read about how to create an original wedding bouquet on the website

Wedding accessories for the wedding in mint color

Even the smallest details of your design should match the line of your style. Mint invitations for guests, decoration of glasses and bottles of champagne - all this should be originally decorated. Add mint accessories throughout your decor. One of the most important elements of the wedding table will be a festive cake, which can also be made in mint color, but it doesn’t have to be minty to taste.

Funny mint wedding accessories

Mint Wedding Cake

Mint Wedding Cupcakes

Mint Wedding Ideas

Mint color reminds us primarily of the sea, of the ocean. Why not complement the look of your mint wedding with elements of a nautical style? Shells, corals and stripes add a touch of piquancy to the look..

The combination of mint color with other colors

Mint color blends perfectly with white as well as a delicate pink hue. Feel free to combine these colors to make your wedding look even more original and interesting.!

A combination of pink and mint in wedding accessories

The combination of mint, green and white

Choose a mint color as the color of your wedding and be sure that it will become unique and unforgettable for you and your guests!