44 years old, what a wedding


Wedding anniversary is a holiday of family formation, which spouses celebrate in a warm circle of relatives and friends. Couples who honor this date and always celebrate the event by arranging a family dinner deserve the highest praise. Years spent in marriage bring people very close together. Especially if time is already calculated in decades. What is the meaning of the 44th anniversary of family life, what to present for the anniversary, what words to congratulate and how to mark the date?

What is the name of the wedding anniversary 44 years?

Having lived together for 44 years, what is the anniversary of the marriage of the couple? Topaz. The holiday symbol is a topaz gem. It is crystal clear and is considered one of the most valuable, expensive minerals. Topaz attracts attention with its perfect transparency and tints of shades: from sunny yellow to sky blue. The mineral symbolizes the longevity of the marriage, during which the couple learned all sides of each other.

The relationship of the spouses, like topaz, overflowed with different colors of the rainbow for 44 years. However, despite the difficulties of family life, the wife and husband are still together, and their marriage has only become stronger. The love of the spouses became even greater, and the feelings were as pure as topaz. Thanks to this comparison, this mineral was chosen as the symbol of the 44th anniversary of the wedding.

Topaz Wedding

Wedding Anniversary Greetings

On the day of the 44th anniversary of family life, you must definitely say a few nice congratulatory words to spouses who have been able to live in peace and harmony for so many years. Wishes for the topaz anniversary should be made from the heart, because the joint path «newlyweds», their ability to cope with any difficulties together is commendable. You can congratulate the heroes of the occasion using poetic lines or short SMS congratulations (if you are far away and it’s not possible for you to see the spouses personally). The examples below will help you choose the right words..

Congratulations to the Topaz Anniversary

Beautiful wishes in verses

I wish my wife
In our topaz anniversary,
So that you, like a rose, bloomed,
Always been pretty,
I wish you happiness with all my heart,
Let peace be upon my heart,
I wish you not to lose heart,
And do not know the troubles.

You have been married for a very long time,
Experienced a lot together,
Passed through obstacles,
Fortunately, they found a way for themselves!
Be happy rich
And live without being bored!
Happy Topaz
I congratulate you today!

Congratulations to grandmother and grandfather,
You are 44 years old - for each other!
We wish you good health,
You are a worthy spouse.
We want the best to happen.,
All good things happened,
So that everything will stop bad,
Only good has come!

Father, my dear, beloved,
And my dear mom!
I congratulate you today!
I wish you happiness, good!
You are in your topaz anniversary
Keep love and warm!
So be happy dear!
May everything in life be bright!

Parents, thank you for everything!
And on this day I wish you
In life, see only good,
Go forward without discouragement!
And congratulations from the bottom of my heart
Topaz wedding!
I wish you happiness and love!
To be beautiful every hour!

Short SMS Congratulations

You have a special day today,
Your marriage only got stronger.
So wish a lot of happiness.
Kiss sweetly hot!

Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Your union grows stronger over the years,
Any difficulties, disagreements
Let love help you decide!

Happy Wedding Anniversary,
We are happy now to congratulate you.
You are beautiful as a woman with a man,
And as a family, you are just a superclass.

Happiness is the right foundation
Only in love my friends!
Congratulations we again
Happy birthday family!

Happy Wedding Anniversary,
You have been around for so many years - so wonderful!
May love between you always live,
Will be together let you be interested!

Today is your wedding anniversary,
And it was all, it would seem, yesterday...
Let them go around the side,
There are evenings in the family circle!

What to present on the 44th anniversary of marriage?

On the «topaz holiday» husband and wife usually give each other presents. So, the spouse can present beloved jewelry, an accessory with topaz or a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the shape of «hearts». A wife, as a gift for a topaz wedding anniversary, can give her husband something collectible, for example, a rare book or a cigarette case. An ideal option would be if the family exchanges rings decorated with topazes - this amulet will bring luck to the anniversaries.

Traditional gifts for the 44th anniversary of marriage are any jewelry decorated with a mineral - a symbol of the anniversary. It is also appropriate to give crystal, glass items for this holiday, however, they must be pink or blue, like topaz. It is not necessary to present a symbolic gift. Home decor elements that complement and decorate the interior of a family hearth will also appeal to a family celebrating a topaz wedding anniversary.

44th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you want your parents to spend time together, forgetting about their worries and affairs, give them tickets for a performance, a movie, or even a romantic trip. Choosing a festive bouquet in honor of the wedding anniversary, pay attention to blue roses. A handmade gift will be a good present. You can also please spouses by preparing sweets or cake for the holiday. Expensive wine, vintage cognac will be a great addition to a sweet gift. And before the start of the festive feast, you should give the family joking letters of husband and wife.

The husband on the day of the topaz wedding anniversary must give his wife flowers. And if she loves indoor plants, then a new pot with her favorite plant, complementing the collection, can become a present. If you are invited to a topaz wedding, take care of buying a themed gift for spouses. A product with a mineral - a symbol of an anniversary - fits perfectly, but is expensive. Therefore, you can turn to the budget options for gifts: crystal glassware, wine glasses or beautiful vases and figurines made of transparent glass.

Original gifts for parents

If you are a child of parents who are soon celebrating the 44th anniversary of family life, you should choose a good gift by such a significant date. Usually, children by such dates become adults and have realized themselves in life, so the present can be valuable and of high quality. There are many gift options for handing over to the 44th anniversary:

  • Jewelry. Beautiful jewelery as an anniversary gift «topaz» weddings are in first place in the ranking of desired things that the couple would like to receive. It can be bracelets with topaz, necklaces or earrings - for mom, cufflinks, money clips - for father.
  • Household equipment. This is a universal gift that will appeal to any family. Your parents will not be an exception. Home cinema, food processor, plasma TV or multicooker - any of these gifts will delight spouses.

Topaz Wedding Gifts

  • Things to decorate the home. These gifts are also categorized. «useful». For example, buy for «newlyweds» pieces of furniture, new mirrors of the original form, paintings, table lamps.
  • Impressions. Such gifts can be presented when parents have everything, or if you want to surprise them. Giving them impressions, for example, a balloon flight or a professional photo shoot for two, you will delight your relatives and provide them with a lot of positive emotions on a holiday.
  • Recreation. One of the best anniversary gifts «topaz» weddings are a visit to another city or country. Perhaps you will get them a romantic tour of Europe or order a sightseeing tour of some beautiful resort. The road to another place will save spouses from everyday worries and fatigue. Such a gift will be for «wedding birthday» second honeymoon.

How to celebrate a topaz wedding

Despite the fact that the 44th anniversary of the wedding is not a round date, this is a good reason to get together with family and friends. Cover the festive table and share your joy with loved ones. On this day, it is worth doing something memorable and special. For example, if 44 years ago, a husband and a wife at a wedding ceremony made vows to each other, then at a topaz anniversary the ritual is easy to repeat.

If you want to mentally celebrate this family holiday, it is better to organize it in a quiet comfortable place. Invite your closest friends and family. To create a warm atmosphere «topaz» celebrations, pay attention to the design of the room. Lay a soft blue tablecloth on the table, decorate the chairs with pink or yellow ribbons. Show your imagination, then the interior will look beautiful, festive. Make sure guests are comfortable..

Topaz anniversary: ​​44 years of family life

It is undesirable to hand over the decoration of the premises before the celebration, even if the celebration will be held in a restaurant or cafe. It is better if the room is decorated with children or grandchildren. Walls can be decorated with photo collages composed of family photographs of topaz spouses, drawings of grandchildren, as well as many congratulations. Children will not miss the opportunity to do balloons. Such decoration of the festive premises will give it warmth and family coziness..

On the day of a topaz wedding, flowers in beautiful vases designed in the colors of a tablecloth will look great on the table. The best option would be a bouquet of your wife’s favorite plants. Cutlery also needs to be matched to the color of topaz. Spouses celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary should also contribute something to their personal appearance. «topaz» - put on jewelry with this stone or choose clothes in tone of stone color.

The 44th wedding anniversary is a family holiday that should be remembered. At such celebrations entertaining games and contests are appropriate, which will amuse not only the guests, but also «topaz» spouses. You can present cards and diplomas to your family, such as «Iron hardening», «Family support». It is important that during the holiday the spouses are surrounded by the attention and care of loved ones, even if the celebration is modest. On the day of a topaz wedding, the house should be filled with cheerful laughter, warmed by warm wishes, illuminated by the radiant smiles of relatives.