Wooden statues of the newlyweds


Wooden toys are gaining more and more popularity and become a real luxury. Wooden dolls are considered environmentally friendly, so they are increasingly being used not only as toys, but also as accessories. The website www.articlewedding.com also does not lag behind fashion trends and offers you to create bright and stylish wooden accessories for decorating a wedding cake.

You don’t have to plan a log from a log. It is enough to purchase ready-made layouts that you can only decorate. Each doll has a character and its own personality. Our unique master class will allow you to give your style to your figurines. Arm yourself with brushes and paints and start the creative process. Do not be afraid that you will not succeed. Step-by-step instructions allow you to avoid mistakes and carefully decorate toys.

DIY statuettes of newlyweds

Materials and tools:

  • wooden dolls;
  • one thin and one thick brush;
  • acrylic paint;
  • feathering;
  • matte enamel;
  • sandpaper;
  • mechanical pencil.


1-1.5 hours.

Detailed instructions:

Making your own wedding accessories is always fun and interesting. Try your hand at creating wonderful statuettes. All you need is bright paint and a good imagination. Of course, try to depict yourself in wooden dolls in wedding dresses. If this is very difficult for you, simply portray the abstract bride and groom. Prepare brushes and paints and get to work.

We will prepare all the necessary accessories for work

To get started, make sure your wooden dolls are perfectly smooth. Take the doll in front of you and draw eyes and hair with a mechanical pencil. Do not pay attention to details. Just carefully identify the most important facial features. Unnecessary details will add you trouble when you pick up a brush.

Draw eyes and hair with a pencil

Now you need to draw your hands. For the figurine of the bride, draw smooth rounded lines that resemble hands. Connect the front and back lines that form the bride's dress. As for the groom, also depict the hands, and also make a V-neck in place of the jacket.

We draw the hands of the bride and groom

Now color the hair of the bride and groom. It’s best to use a wide brush to get it neat. You can also add a mustache and sideburns to the groom. A thin brush is best for this. Remember to rinse your brush from time to time..

Color the hair of the bride and groom
Draw a mustache and whiskers for the groom
We wash the brush from time to time

Now you need to highlight the groom's shirt, for which we will use white acrylic paint. Also draw a tie with a pencil. After the bride’s hair has dried, you can proceed to the dress. Color it with white paints with a wide brush. Let the paint dry and apply another coat..

Draw a shirt for the groom
Color the dress of the bride

Next, we colorize the groom's suit using gray paints. Do not forget to leave a place for hands. Using a toothpick, draw the eyes of the bride and groom. Also add a pearl necklace to the bride with white dots..

Let's colorize a suit of the groom
Draw the eyes and beads of the bride

Add a bunch of flowers to the bride. Use the symmetry rule - flower, leaf, flower, leaf. With a toothpick, you can add the finishing touches to your bouquet, for example, lavender flowers.

Let's draw a bouquet for the bride
We complete the bride’s bouquet

Now you need to add the details to the suit of the groom. To do this, use a feather or pencil. Cover the figures with matt enamel - and wonderful accessories are ready!

Add details to the groom
Apply matte enamel

Application options

Aren't these wonderful statuettes? You can use them as the top of the cake, and then save them as memorable figurines. Also, such accessories can be put on the wedding table. You can also use porcelain or clay figurines..

Figurines of the bride and groom of wood
Porcelain figurines of the bride and groom.
Beautiful statuettes of the newlyweds
Funny statuettes of the newlyweds

Thanks to www.articlewedding.com you can create wonderful things with your own hands! Good luck in your work!