Wonderful bracelets for bridesmaids


Before the wedding, the bride has to decide so many questions: which glasses are best for table setting, which wedding hairstyle to choose and which bonbonnieres to prepare for dear guests! However, this is not all. If you really love and value your friends, why don't you make original accessories for them that will be a great gift, as a memory of your wedding day?

The site www.articlewedding.com has prepared for you a wonderful master class that will help you craft luxurious bracelets that are suitable for any event. Bright, stylish bracelets with brilliant focal elements will be a pleasant surprise for your girlfriends! All you need is a fabric and a creative brooch or rhinestones to help highlight the bracelet. Just a little effort and time - and you will get great accessories that can not be found on store shelves. The main thing is that in their creation you will invest a piece of your mood and enthusiasm!

Creative bracelets
Original bracelets

Materials and tools:

  • metal bracelet;
  • beautiful fabric;
  • decorative element (brooch, pin, rhinestone);
  • hot glue.


: 20 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Of course, if you want to give your girlfriends a gift in honor of your wedding, you can simply purchase original bracelets in the store. However, such a gift will not be memorable. What you will do with your own hands, using your ideas and choosing your own design, your bridesmaids will surely like it more.

At the very beginning of the creative work, cut two pieces of fabric measuring 5x5 centimeters. We will need these pieces to wrap the ends of the bracelet. Use hot glue to stick the fabric on the edges of the bracelet. Do not worry if the fabric does not look very beautiful, because soon you will hide all the bumps under several layers of fabric. Excess fabric or thread can be cut.

Glue the fabric to the edges of the bracelet
Trim the excess fabric

Now cut a long strip of fabric, approximately 110x5 cm. Glue the edge of the tape to the inner edge of the bracelet and start layer by layer to wrap it with a cloth. To firmly adhere the fabric to the bracelet, use a special hot glue gun. The entire surface of the metal bracelet should be hidden under the fabric. When you get to the second end of the bracelet, also glue it to the inside of the bracelet, and cut the rest of the fabric.

Start wrapping the bracelet with cloth
Wrap the bracelet fully in cloth

Now you need to attach the central element of the bracelet, which will give it the main beauty. If you have chosen a rhinestone, then it can be glued with hot glue, which will not allow it to get lost at the most inopportune moment. However, it is best to use brooches that can be fastened by a pin to the fabric. You can use any means at hand: old earrings or clips and much more. Also vary styles using different colors. Beautiful bracelets are ready!

The central element of the bracelet
Glue the brooch to the bracelet
Stylish pink bracelet

Application options

Bridesmaids will certainly appreciate such a surprise about a wedding celebration. They will be pleased to realize that, in spite of all the worries in which you are immersed with your head, you have found time to create such charming accessories.

Handmade is gaining popularity every day, so you and your girlfriends will be the most stylish and fashionable. The bracelet can be worn for a wedding, a bachelorette party or just for a party. It is perfect for both an evening dress and a classic costume..

Fashionable bracelets for bridesmaids
Stylish bracelet for a wedding
Chic bracelet made of fabric
Cute fabric bracelet
Gifts for Bridesmaids
Luxury bracelets for bridesmaids

The wedding site www.articlewedding.com wishes you a wonderful wedding full of bright emotions and magic! Know how to surprise your loved ones and friends so that they have only the most wonderful impressions about your wedding!