Macrame Bracelets for Bridesmaids


It is impossible to imagine a bride and her girlfriends without beautiful and sophisticated accessories. Accessories help to create a complete image, emphasize the chosen style. Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate hands with various bracelets, especially if they are made with their own hands..

Having familiarized yourself with the wedding master class provided by the portal, you can try to make a macrame bracelet yourself, decorating it with fresh flowers. Use this idea to create wedding accessories for bridesmaids. They will be delighted with such cute bracelets.!

Macrame bracelet

Materials and tools:

  • Natural flowers;
  • thick colored threads (you can choose decorative laces; the thinner the thread, the more time it will take to weave);
  • work surface (table, book);
  • duct tape.

Materials for creating a bracelet


about 1 hour.

Detailed instructions:

To start weaving, you will need two threads. Cut one thread about 183 cm long and the other 92 cm long. Fold the threads in half. Make a small loop at the bend and stick the loop with adhesive paper to the work surface. Tip: you can fix the threads with a paper clip to a book or blackboard.

Separate the threads. Place long threads on the sides, and shorter threads in the center. The two center threads also need to be fixed with duct tape. This is necessary because weaving is mainly done by the lateral (outer) long threads around the short central.

Preparing two threads for work

Put the outer left thread on the middle threads. Then take the outer thread on the right and lay it on the left thread, and then stretch it under the middle.

Start weaving

Pull the right thread through the loop formed on the left. Tighten both threads tightly. Repeat the knotting process on the other side, winding the right outer thread over the left outer thread and under the middle ones. Get the left thread over the right and under the middle. Pull the left thread through the right loop and tighten the threads.

First knot

To weave a flower into a bracelet, you need to make weaving up to 7-10 cm. When the length of the product is half your wrist, you can attach flowers. Cut a flower with a stem equal to 2.5 cm. Position the flower stalk along the middle threads. Continue weaving the bracelet according to the above specified pattern. Make sure that the flower stalk is always on the middle threads.

Turn the flower into a weave

Continue weaving until the end of the stem length. Make a knot, firmly fixing the stem with thread on all sides. See what a flower stalk woven into a bracelet looks like.

Weaving around the flower stalk

Braid the bracelet to the length that matches your wrist. At the end of the bracelet, make a strong large knot. Cut excess thread. To fasten the bracelet on your hand, pull the knot through the loop made at the beginning of the product. Instead of a knot, you can attach a beautiful clasp.

Type of tied stalk

As a result of hard work, we got an amazing macrame bracelet.

Models of Macrame Bracelets with Natural Flowers
Yellow chrysanthemum bracelet

Application options

Having mastered the macrame weaving technique well enough, you can continue your creative experiments. If you do not want all the bridesmaids to have the same bracelets, then make each girl a special bracelet that matches the color of the bridesmaids' outfits.

Moreover, the portal notes that you can try to weave not one, but several flowers into each bracelet. Choose large or small flowers for your unique patterns. Instead of flowers, you can use beads or decorative stones. Of course, this will require additional knowledge and skills, but then you can brag about your skillful hands. Such a homemade accessory can easily become a memorable gift for your friends.

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