Bride's bouquet of ribbons and plates - rehearsal option


Perhaps the very fact of the rehearsal of the wedding will lead many to bewilderment. In vain, as it is an important and integral part of the entire successful event.

Adopting the experience of Western countries, our newlyweds are increasingly turning to this practice, understanding all the advantages that come from this. You can rehearse anything you like, the first wedding dance, seating areas for guests and more.

The wedding portal advises you not to rehearse the whole wedding, but some points, including the wedding image of the bride. Pay special attention to, along with hair, makeup and, of course, the bride’s bouquet.

From which to make a trial wedding bouquet, you decide. Take advantage of improvised materials that will help to build a variant of the bouquet more or less similar to the original wedding bouquet. Having worked out the main points with a trial bouquet in hand, the bride will feel more confident at the most solemn event. And so, let's get started!

Trial wedding bouquet

Materials and tools:

  • gift wrapping bows or baby bows;
  • tapes;
  • scissors;
  • beads;
  • feathers;
  • two paper plates;
  • Additional materials.

Materials for work

Detailed instructions:

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the basis for fixing the selected ribbons. To do this, use a knife or scissors to make two holes opposite each other.

Plate preparation

Pass one of the tapes through the holes. To make this easier, help push the tape with something sharp, such as scissors. See visual photo.

Pulling the tape through the holes

Then on the back of the plate you need to tie a knot.

Ribbon Knot

Now do the same thing again. Two more holes must be made perpendicular to the first two. Pull a tape of a different color into the new holes. This cross-shaped ribbon base will help you securely fix all the necessary details..

Pulling the second tape

Tie a knot with a second ribbon. Next, we make one large knot of two tapes, for more reliable mounting.

Two Ribbon Knot

Now you can add parts in turn. Fasten bows, ribbons, beads and other decorative trifles one by one.

We fix bows

When attaching additional parts, consider the correct and harmonious arrangement of all components «trial bouquet».

Arrangement of elements

To create a more effective rehearsal bouquet, use all the decorative little things from past gifts. You can also attach a gentle snow-white feather.

Fasten the feather

Keep attaching beautiful details, it's a really fun process!

Continue to attach details

If some parts cannot be fixed, use duct tape..

We use tape

Try to make the original design for your rehearsal bouquet.

The original design of the bouquet

If necessary, cut off all excess and unnecessary parts to give «trial bouquet» completed view.

Trim unwanted edges

Beautiful and unusual pre-wedding bridal bouquet is ready! Now it's up to rehearsal.

Application options

After carrying out all the main rehearsal moments, do not rush to throw out this wonderful bouquet. Basis «trial bouquet» can be used to create original jewelry for decoration and decoration of a wedding room.

Moreover, depending on what kind of nature you have, what kind of outfit you will have and in what style you plan to hold your wedding, the website offers you to leave a rehearsal bouquet and make it the main wedding bouquet of the bride. In this case, thoroughly think over all the decorative elements that will be involved in its creation. Successful and colorful celebration for you!

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