Rustic groom’s buttonhole - a symbiosis of elegance and simplicity


A men's accessory - a boutonniere, as a sign of loyalty to his chosen one, should adorn the groom's wedding outfit. The buttonhole is not just the delights of modern fashion, but, first of all, tradition. To emphasize the inextricable link between the bride and groom will help the same flowers in the manufacture of boutonnieres and bridal bouquets.

Since the boutonnieres can complement the outfits of invited guests or witnesses, the boutonniere of the groom should be more luxurious than the rest. Thus, the boutonniere shows the significant role of the groom.

As a rule, men prefer laconic boutonnieres, complemented by expensive jewelry. Today you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions for making a brutal buttonhole offered by the wedding portal

Brutal rustic boutonniere

Materials and tools:

  • sackcloth;
  • carton boxes;
  • three types of buttons;
  • two kinds of feathers;
  • pins / hair clips;
  • rope;
  • PVA glue;
  • hot glue gun;
  • tape;
  • a large needle and thread floss;
  • bamboo skewers (sticks).

Materials for work

Detailed instructions:

First you need to cut a leaf-shaped cardboard. Draw in pencil the desired shape of the leaf and cut.


From burlap it is also necessary to cut out the shape of the leaflet. To do this, attach the drop-shaped cut cardboard to the burlap, attach and cut with scissors.

Burlap leaves

Spread a cardboard leaf with PVA glue. Glue a piece of burlap to it.

A layer of glue on cardboard
Put burlap on cardboard
Fasten parts

Let the parts dry for a few minutes.

Drying parts

After the parts have dried, you can trim uneven edges..

Level the edges
Flat edges

Not necessarily, but as an additional option, we suggest you make a sheet of cardboard of a larger size compared to a sheet of burlap. This will increase the product and give it a special depth. See the photo below:

The second option for cutting parts

Using a new sample, cut a drop-shaped leaf from burlap and glue the leaf from cardboard as before.

Leaf in a new pattern

Make as many leaves as many buttonholes you need to make.

The required number of leaves

Now go to the sticks. Measure the required length of the stick and shorten it. The length of the stick should not exceed 4 cm. The number of sticks depends on the number of boutonnieres..

Shortening sticks

Next, using a hot glue gun, you need to glue the stick to the center of the workpiece from the side where the burlap is located. Do the same with the rest of the sticks..

Glue sticks

Now the stick, which acts as a stem, needs to be wrapped with a rope, while you need to use glue to fix the rope on the stem.

Wrap the stem with a rope

Take a ribbon and cut a few ribbons about 11 cm long. Using a needle and thread of a mouline thread of the desired color, sew stitches along the ribbon. Having sewed all the ribbons, tie them into a bow.

Make stitches
Several identical ribbons
Ribbon bow

We return to the main blanks. Glue one kind of feather to the base, such as white feathers.

Glue white feathers

Then you can glue the second type of feathers, for example, feathers with polka dots.

Glue the second type of feathers
Item with feathers

Next, we prepare the buttons in three pieces per product. Spread nearby all the remaining details.

Button preparation
Parts preparation

Now it remains to stick the details. Start with ribbons in the form of bows. A drop of glue can be put inside the bow for better fixation.

Glue the ribbons
A drop of glue inside the bow
Bow on the stalk

Then glue the buttons. That's all! Rustic style boutonnieres ready!

Glue the buttons

Application options

With such a beautiful boutonniere, which your groom can attach to the lapel with a special hair clip, you can do anything. Use smaller boutonnieres as decorations for wedding guests or witness outfits. The site recommends taking the basis of such a brutal boutonniere for creating original jewelry for gift boxes or decorating wedding glasses for newlyweds. Such an idea would look good when creating a numbering card. A single style will be traced in all details, and your holiday will be whole and harmonious..

Ready-made buttonholes
Boutonniere near
Buttonhole with a pine cone
Rustic style boutonniere
Herb Buttonhole

At the end of the wedding, save the groom’s boutonniere and dry it. The boutonniere will become a kind of charm for your young family!