Tag for wedding accessories


A tag is a small tag that is made of paper, cardboard and other materials. This item came from the world of scrapbooking. A beautifully designed and multi-layered tag can be considered a separate independent and finished work. As planned, the tag fits into any decor and organically complements it. You will need a little patience and imagination to come up with your own accessory style..

In essence, a tag is an addition to other accessories. It is multifunctional. Small tags made in one style can come in handy for decorating various accessories at a wedding - from wedding invitations to bonbonnieres. The website www.articlewedding.com will tell you how to make high-quality and impressive tags for your wedding..

DIY wedding tag
Tag for decorating a wedding buffet

Materials and tools:

  • cardboard or ready tag basics;
  • stamping kit;
  • wool;
  • paper or cardboard in contrasting color;
  • beads or self-adhesive crystals (optional);
  • PVA glue;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Materials for making a tag


30-45 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

If you do not have ready-made basics for creating tags, then make them manually. Just cut the cardboard and pierce the top of the workpiece with a hole punch.

Make a blank for the tag

Using the stamping kit, apply the pattern to the bottom of the future tag.

Using a stamping kit, apply a pattern to the tag

When the ink is dry, cut out the patterns around the edge, making the workpiece more elegant and curly.

Cut out the pattern

Add a similar, but smaller, pattern to the entire surface of the workpiece..

Apply a pattern over the entire surface of the workpiece.

Use wool of similar color and glue. Attach thin woolen threads in random order on the tag, adding texture.

Use wool and glue to create a texture.
Glue the woolen threads onto the tag

Cut flowers out of cardboard (you can use the patterns you already know from the stamping kit).

Cut flowers from cardboard

Stick flowers on the bottom of the workpiece in random order. This will make the tag voluminous and visually complex..

Stick flowers on the tag.

From the contrasting color of cardboard or paper, cut out the inscriptions, numbers or patterns that should be indicated on your tag. Glue them. Create volumetric designs if you wish.

Stick contrast patterns on the tag.

If you want, stick a few beads or crystals on the tag. Accessory is ready!

Ready tag for the wedding

Application options

The tag will help in the design of almost any wedding accessory. First of all, they will decorate invitations or albums for wishes, since they were originally intended for decorating paper products.

Tags can be used to personalize items. For example, write names on labels and hang them on some object (for example, a key, a small bottle or an ordinary flower) to create a concise banquet card.

In the same way, the tag is useful for bonbonnieres, the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com offers. By combining several tags, together you get a garland. A complex multi-layer tag can be used as a menu or evening program.

Make tags in different styles, depending on the theme of the celebration or its component. For example, make different tags for a bachelorette party (suitable as original passes), banquet cards and notes for wishes. Your holiday will receive one more original element for decor..

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Tags are a great idea to design wedding accessories. They can be of different styles and shapes. They are useful for invitations, and for a bachelorette party, and for a banquet, and for a tree for wishes, and for the embodiment of various creative ideas for a wedding!