Garland "Just Married": creative decoration of the wedding procession


It is difficult to imagine a wedding ceremony without a motorcade, to which much attention is paid at the celebration. Bright cars, balloons and happy newlyweds sitting in the first car! All this is an integral part of the holiday. How unusual to decorate the wedding procession chosen by the bride and groom? The portal has prepared for you a special master class on making an original accessory for a wedding procession! Garland «Just married» not only decorate your car, but also amaze everyone with creativity. And most importantly, making it very easy and simple!

Creative wedding procession
Wedding car with tied banks
Cortege of original newlyweds

Materials and Tools

  • 8 or more tin jars (the quantity depends on the length of the planned garland);
  • one tube of colored paint and one tube of white;
  • brush;
  • one nail and a hammer;
  • tapes;
  • tulle;
  • scissors;
  • color cardboard;
  • double sided tape;
  • pre-printed paper with the inscription «Just married».

Materials and Tools


30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Pour paint into a separate bowl, stir it.

Pour the paint into a bowl and stir

Gently brush the tin jars with a brush. It is advisable to make them in one color, but with different shades, then the garland will look more interesting. In order to achieve different tones, just add a little white to the color paint and stir.

Paint tin jars
We paint the jars on all sides
White paint creates different shades

Using a nail and a hammer, make a hole in the center of each jar.

We punch holes in the banks

From the tulle we make fluffy bows: wrap a few layers of tulle on the hand, in the center, knit it so that we get a bow, then cut the ends.

We make bows from tulle
Cut the ends of the tulle bow

Cut the ribbon to the desired length and tie a knot on it. Pass the tape into the hole on the inside of the can..

Through the hole in the can, we pass the tape

In 20-30 centimeters, tie a bow from tulle to a ribbon.

We fasten the bow to the ribbon

Again, backing off 20-30 centimeters, tie a knot and string a can on a ribbon. Do this until the tape runs out..

We alternate tin jars and ribbons on a ribbon

We will make a sign for a garland: on a colored cardboard, glue a double-sided tape and attach the inscription on it «Just married» so that one centimeter remains at the edges of the cardboard, cut the plate.

Cut the plate and glue it on cardboard

It remains only to attach several garlands to the wedding procession so that the accessory looks more spectacular, and attach a bright plate to them. Your motorcade will not go unnoticed!

Ready-made garland for tuple

Application options

In fact, you can attach such a garland not only to the car. If the newlyweds have always been distinguished by creative abilities and a craving for everything unusual, then instead of cars they can choose a bike cortege or mopeds, motorcycles, a carriage with horses and so on as a tuple. And in all of the above options, the accessory made by your hands will be in place. And after a few years, the garland «Just married» It’s also useful for you on your wedding anniversary. Why not, after a while, take a ride with the breeze and remember your stunning wedding ceremony?

Bicycle with a garland - a procession of newlyweds
Creative wedding transport
Wedding car decor
Variety of wedding procession decor

The site told you how to make an unusual and very original accessory for decorating a wedding procession in half an hour. With bright jars and a sign, the car of the newlyweds will look memorable and unique. We wish you to enjoy the wedding ceremony, including a wonderful trip in the wedding procession! Success!