Guest seating plan is an interesting idea


Many brides enjoy the pre-wedding rush, but sometimes we can get very nervous. What to choose cutlery and how to seat guests? All these questions revolve in our head and do not let us fall asleep. Try to start with a small, for example, designing a seating plan. It is important to arrange guests according to their interests, so that they are fun and interesting with each other. However the plan to the plan is different.

The website offers you a wonderful idea of ​​creating a seating plan for your guests, which will clearly illustrate the place reserved for each guest. Such accessories will be the highlight of the design of the wedding table, because they look fresh and original. To make such a plan, you will need old wooden frames, which will require minimal costs. The original plan must be placed at each table, where names and numbers will be written. This will help guests quickly navigate the banquet hall and find their place. But more importantly, such a seating plan will be an unusual accent of wedding decor..

Guest seating plan

Materials and tools:

  • wooden frames;
  • paint and brush;
  • scissors;
  • rope;
  • glue gun;
  • glue;
  • luggage tags and cards;
  • stamp with letters of the alphabet;
  • small clothespins.


: 40-50 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

It's always nice when someone appreciates your efforts. Take time to work on creating a seating plan that guests will surely enjoy, due to their sophistication and sophistication.

Take a wooden frame and wipe it thoroughly. It is necessary to clean the frame of dust or old paint so that the surface is perfectly smooth. After that, arm yourself with a brush and paint the frame in your chosen color. In our master class, we used white paint, but you can dream up and add to your seating plan a bright mood. Let the paint dry before proceeding to the next step..

Paint the frame white.
Let the frame dry

Now start creating a beautiful network of threads. To do this, use the glue gun, which will help you quickly stick the thread to the frame. You need to do this crosswise from the wrong side of the frame, as shown in the photo. Make sure all edges of your «spider webs» tightly glued. It’s better to add more glue so that the threads can hold our guest cards.

Start sticking the thread
Check if everything is stuck tightly

Now you can paint the wrong side of the frame. You will get the original «spider web», on which you can already hang tags.

It turned out a beautiful web

Cut a plate from the paper on which the names will be written. You can use decorative scissors to make beautiful edges of the card. Use the stamp to write the names of guests on the cards. You can also indicate the number of the table on small clothespins. Use clothespins to attach the cards to the rope. The whole composition looks very unusual. Seating plan is ready!

Cut out paper cards
Decorate the edges of the cards with scissors
We will write the guests iman on the card
It turned out a beautiful card with names
Sign the hearts on clothespins
Cute clothespins with table numbers
Pin the card to the frame
Pin the table numbers

Application options

Isn't it a wonderful framework? On the one hand, they will become a wonderful decoration of the wedding hall, and on the other hand, you can reuse them, for example, in the kitchen or in the living room. Just exchange cards for others. You can also add brightness to your seating plan. Add strokes of vibrant colors. Just grab a toothbrush and, after wetting the bristles in bright paint, spray the white frame. Bright spots of paint will decorate your accessory and add mood to you and your guests.!

Creative seating plan
Original frames for seating guests
Wonderful seating plan
Bright seating plan
Stylish Wedding Seating Plan

The wedding portal wishes you a good time. Simple master classes allow you to spend a minimum of time and effort, and get a wonderful result.!